🇨🇦 WealthSimple Trade Review: 0% Commission Trading for Canadians! 🇨🇦

🇨🇦 WealthSimple Trade Review: 0% Commission Trading for Canadians! 🇨🇦
🇨🇦 WealthSimple Trade Review: 0% Commission Trading for Canadians! 🇨🇦

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Finally, 0% trading comes to Canada. As a Canadian, I’ve been waiting for a service like Robinhood to come to Canada.

But WealthSimple has just broken another Canadian FinTech barrier with WealthSimple Trade.

I love the control that comes from picking your own stocks, and finally your profits are not going to get eaten up by massive fees from the hungry shark called the Financial Industry.

This is my first look at Wealth Simple Trade. And I’m excited to get deeper into Wealth Simple’s new offerings.

it seems like every few months, Wealth Simple brings out new features in their products that we well-thought out and designed.

This will compare some of the fees between Wealth Simple Trade and Questrade, Canada’s previously low-cost discount stock broker.

Do you use WealthSimple? What are your thoughts on Wealth Simple and their Robo-Advisors? Have you used Wealth Simple Trade? What’s the first stock you’re going to buy on WealthSimple Trade?

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🇨🇦 WealthSimple Trade Review: 0% Commission Trading for Canadians! 🇨🇦