16 thoughts on “Why You Lose Buying Penny Stocks, My Rant on Dilution”

  1. No strategy outclasses that of Mr mike harry ,i keep making huge profit from his trading strategy

  2. So, I bought TEUM after their offering in april.. I figured thay were doin with the dilution… then they applied for a shelf offering. the stock went down further… Its hard to predict when you are already long…

  3. Stocktwits is filled with a bunch of idiots. Most accounts are gone after a few months anyway. Anyone who gets so emotional and results to insulting other traders (bears) is too childish and dumb to make money from trading.

  4. What charting software/brokerage does he use? Especially when he's showing charts on the Edge browser?

  5. Thank you for looking out for us tim and dropping some serious knowledge especially for those that have families

  6. Love the passion in your voice! In all your videos, webinars, and dvds I've watched never heard this much from you this AMAZING !! Keep it up. You've changed my trading career, Tim's challenge was worth it just for access to you and your information! Thanks a million

  7. How do you know when a company is finished diluting? Do you look for a closing date? Will they suddenly claim profitability or a payoff of debt?

  8. Tim could you explain how cashless excercise works google it, but dont see how the company makes money off it. Thanks.

  9. Newbies lose on Penny Stocks simply because they refuse to stop treating penny stocks like VALUE LARGE CAP STOCKS. Pennies are pennies for a reason but yet newbies insist on INVESTING in a penny stock. They rationalize financials, Press Releases, they interpret "tweets" from CEO's, they create whatever narrative that helps them deal with their choice of penny stock neglecting the very real reality of reverse splits, shell companies, bear raids, dilution, stock offerings, bad news that would potentially cause them to lose their whole investment. It's stubbornness fueled by desperation and being cheap that keeps people "Investing" in penny stocks without knowing how to approach them. Buying and Holding is 100% a sure way to sabotage being successful in trading pennies. Not one successful penny trader has become successful buying and holding. Like I said before….newbies confuse the logic in investing books aimed specifically towards large cap, credible companies and they apply it to fraudulent junk stocks.

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