Why I Always Day Trade $JNUG & $JDST For Profit | Penny Stock Investor

In this video i talk about why i invest in jdst and jnug for profit, i talk abou the basics of trading stocks, how to manage risk, and how to lock in profits.

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Why I Always Day Trade $JNUG & $JDST For Profit | Penny Stock Investor

17 thoughts on “Why I Always Day Trade $JNUG & $JDST For Profit | Penny Stock Investor”

  1. I have been trading for years. This kid Ricky is only under 30 and is amazing to watch how mature he his is for his age and how fast he is understanding how the markets "really" work. He's on his way to becoming a billionaire.

    Ricky, I have many younger family members and coworkers go to your Youtube channel for inspiration. Many of the younger coworkers look like they are hating life because the job pays well, but it sucks. It is not glamorous. It actually stinks, LOL! So I share your info with them so they know that in this day and age, there are much better things to do if they set their minds to them and work hard for them. Peace and thanks.

  2. Theres decay with these stocks. You should be trading the Support and resistance of GDX GDXJ and trade off the resistance on that chart to figure out where JDST JNUG are heading.

  3. One big misconception is these ETFs dont track the price of Gold directly. They are tracking Miners the actual companies who take Gold out of the ground. Ive seen Gold prices go up while Miners go down. Not sure Id call Gold prices based on if the economy is doing good or bad. Has a lot more to do with value of the Dollar and Interest rates. Gold will be a safe haven when market crashes but also gold can rally when market is hot.

  4. Hi Ricky, I am new in penny stock. I have watched some of your videos and they are awesome, i learnt a lot. But do you look at the fundamental of companies you buy or you just analyse by technical analysis?
    And do you have any suggested broker companies for foreigners? And how do you screen good stocks like JNUG? beside volume, what are you criteria when doing scanning?
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Ricky I have a question. I'm new to investing with zero experience and am currently playing an simulator on investopedia just to try and get some practical application on the things I've learned, but my question is if I was looking to invest $500 looking for a .05% return everyday should I invest in blue chips or should I do swing and day trades. Also I joined the group on FB and I learned a lot of good things so thanks

  6. Ricky, do you ever trade inverse volatility XIV and SVXY? Once they have a big run up , they will inevitably have massive dumps like they did four days ago and also once back in May.

  7. Can it work if i trade those stocks on robinhood since there is no comition fees? Using the robinhood graphs?

  8. JNUG is the 3x bull of GDXJ. JDST is the 3x inverse. similarly, NUGT is the 3x bull for GDX and DUST is the 3x inverse. They are made of of gold mining companies and so can follow gold somewhat… but not always. They are also affected by the dollar and overall market as well.. it's a little tricky how they work but best to use GDX and GDXJ for trends and S/R as they do not decay over time

  9. Ricky I feel that sometimes one can get complacent with a good running stock, I speak from experience of course. But you had some very well placed executions. cheers.

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