Why Gold (and Precious Metals) Prices are About to Climb Fast

Here is why gold and all precious metals prices (platinum, silver, palladium) are about to spike to higher levels.

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Between the global demand trends, with Central Banks (like in China and Russia) buying up gold by the ton, and the softening of the U. S. dollar, we expect bullion to cost significantly more in 2017, and even going into 2018.

Gold is a hedge against global chaos, stock market meltdowns, and other risky situations. Meanwhile, precious metals are also a way to preserve wealth over time. Since 1930, the American dollar has lost nearly 98% of it’s purchasing power.

With so much irresponsible money generation worldwide, hard assets like physical gold will only increase in demand. We use several of the gold and silver mining penny stock picks we have made for subscribers of PeterLeeds.com and Peter Leeds Penny Stocks to explain trading in sympathy, and the divergence in gold prices between various currencies.
Why Gold (and Precious Metals) Prices are About to Climb Fast

18 thoughts on “Why Gold (and Precious Metals) Prices are About to Climb Fast”

  1. Hi Peter, thank you for your content. Just found your channel and really surprised how honest and straightforward you're. Talking openly about real matter among the news buzz is priceless nowadays. So, you suggest that gold would be the best option to invest? Not bitcoin ?

  2. Hello Peter. As I am also worshipping the shrine of precious metals, there were several companies you mentioned along with your Feb 28 pick as making the shortlist of precious metal stocks to consider. I wanted to know you opinion about two of these (HMY & BTG) and your thoughts of their prospects in the medium to long term?

  3. Peter, I'm very appreciative of your videos. I've learned a lot and can't wait to learn more from you.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Would you consider a "multigrain portfolio" a good investment?
    1a. https://www.moneymetals.com/multigram-portfolio-qty-16-25-gram-bars-4-ea-in-gold-silver-platinum-palladium/216

    2. When I do purchase a precious metal, what's your plan with it when the crash finally hits?

    3. How bad do you anticipate this crash being?

    Random question:
    – I'm interested in signing up for your subscription. Can you go more into detail regarding that, possibly show an example?

    Again, thanks for everything you've taught thus far!

  4. Why did JPM start buying the physical silver when the price was 35 + usd , when they have total control over the market with their paper shorts ??

  5. Though I've never actually done it, I'm thinking about buying silver (the physical metal) to add to my portfolio. With limited funds, how would you suggest going about doing that, or is it not worth the time unless you have a certain amount to spend? Thx in advance.

  6. Maybe it will pop when they're ready to implement their new digital system and transfer us all across amid the chaos? Possibly 2018?

  7. Oh yeah, I'd like to subscribe on your website. However I live in the deepest darkest reaches of the world (New Zealand) so actually purchasing US stocks is not a good option (there are only a few ways I know of, and they are not cheap if you just want an individual stock)

    Do you only recommend US stocks?

  8. The worldwide debt bubble is getting worse by the day its a matter of time before gold and silver explode

  9. Peter thanks for another great video! I just sent this to some of my friends who were talking about gold and mining companies and wanted to invest with some of them. 👍🏻

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