What would happen in Canada if we lost NAFTA?

What would happen in Canada if we lost NAFTA?
680 NEWS business editor Richard Southern with what could possibly happen to Canada’s economy if NAFTA negotiations fail, and the trade agreement were to go away.
What would happen in Canada if we lost NAFTA?

7 thoughts on “What would happen in Canada if we lost NAFTA?”

  1. Canada has a backup plan and has free trade with the Pan Americans(food in winter), Europe(selling market) and Korea(technology/manufacturing import). Adding free trade with Mexico would be easy(auto industry)

  2. NAFTA benefit Mexico the most, then Canada, and the worse is the USA who have to pay for 89% plus of all the trade costs.You cannot blame Trump for not so happy about it.

  3. If Canada lost NAFTA we are back to pre 1992.i.e Bake our own bread and no more US freebies and generous pay out for all.

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