What To Do When The Stock Market Crashes

What To Do When The Stock Market Crashes
What To Do (as a trader) When The Stock Market Crashes

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Frequently Asked Questions:

►What platform are you using to look at charts?
I am using E-Trade PRO as my main charting software. To show my entries and exits, i use ThinkOrSwim by TDAmeritrade.

►What broker do you use?
I am currently using TDAmeritrade as my main broker.

►What broker should I use?
It depends on your own situation. Account size, place of residency, and trading style all are variables in choosing. I have a few video lessons on my channel of breaking down the most common brokers (use the search function!). You can also use this link to find relevant trading brokers in your country who will allow you to trade US Stocks. https://www.stockbrokers.com/guides/internationaltrading

►Are you long biased or short biased?
I am mainly long biased, but we have a few short biased traders within our community. You can join here and get opinions from both sides of the trade to be the most informed! https://www.tradebuddy.net/day-trading-chat-room

What To Do When The Stock Market Crashes

6 thoughts on “What To Do When The Stock Market Crashes”

  1. Well fuck i have just been watching the past month at these 100% gainers and then the market fucks it self in the ass and i was going to start trading with real money next week but i guess im going to use paper money a little longer now cause the market is fuckt.

  2. I started recording my trades partly from watching you..Thanks! I love rewatching the level 2 and time and sales.. Its crazy! boom boom boom!

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