What if Canada says no to NAFTA?

What if Canada says no to NAFTA?
Canada has lived with NAFTA for 24 years, but can we live without it? Some critics insist the Canada would do fine with no deal at all. CBC business reporter Jeannie Lee explains the ramifications if the free trade agreement isn’t ratified.

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What if Canada says no to NAFTA?

14 thoughts on “What if Canada says no to NAFTA?”

  1. all countries should not be forced by other countries to do anything if trudeau say no to this he should say no to george soros forced multiculturalism and diversity agenda too

  2. Canada has been screwing USA for 24 years. It's about time we have a president that tells the truth.

  3. Trump want to destroy whole world by trade war or Nuclear war Either way he wants to win go head make my day

  4. Who is this so called nafta experts created this law U have to sell 75% of product to us Trump doesn’t know all this no deal better than bad deal

  5. Hey any liberals hate this country while attempting to destroy this country. Beware-2nd amendment fan yeeehaaa. Go to Canada.

  6. lol…What if the U.S. and Japan decide they are not making THEIR cars in your worthless pond you call a country? Back to horse and buggy?

  7. if canada doesnt sign.. or even try to work out a deal how can our leadership make a deal with mexico.. they cant canada relies on mexico trade as well and we have currently zero deal with mexico n obvious usa as well.. n our trade minister hasnt even tried to negoiate with mexico…

  8. DEFUND the CBC! This is too late. And, this is the news that said Clinton would win the election in the USA for two years before she lost. They have no credibility at all. DEFUND THE CBC!

  9. I love how the CBC is the champion of "Developmental Journalism" in North America. They are even better than SPR (Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano) in this genre.

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