Weed Stocks Are On Fire 2018- Canopy Shares Up 89% vs Aurora ?….Time To Sell !

Weed Stocks Are On Fire 2018- Canopy Shares Up 89% vs Aurora ?….Time To Sell !
Weed Stocks Are On Fire – Canopy Shares Up 89% vs Aurora ?….Time To Sell !

What’s going on guys it’s investing hustler here and today I’m going to talk about how the marijuana industry just continues to rally !!! My marijuana portfolio is currently up over 28% I would show u my portfolio but clearly you guys don’t want to see it because I have been asking this video right here to get 100 likes which seems to be an impossible task but that’s fine . I will talk about why some of these companies have went up when do I plan to sell my shares

Before I get started I’m going to give a shoutout too and it was a close one 3939 subscribers with no video challenge. If only it were that easy. shout out to you 3939 subscribers and good luck with your challenge!!

So the big winners for today is namaste
Up over 23% and I’m currently up over 77% With namaste I’ll talk about the two Main reasons why I think namaste is blowing up later in the video

Second biggest winner is Tilray – which seems to be the only company I’m not invested in mostly because I think this company is way over valued is up 19% today

Canopy is up 15% today I’m currently up over 89% with my remaining canopy shares .

Cron went up over 14% today and I’m currently up over 17% I actually just purchased cron shares on Thursday when it had a massive sell off due to some allegations and I ended up selling that same day at 4% gains. cuz I didn’t feel safe holding over night . The next I bought back all the shares and I have been holding onto ever since

Aphria is up over 9% and I’m currently up 65% I’ve collected some profits with aphria

And last and definitely not least my biggest investment in the marijuana industry aurora is up … wait what aurora is only up 15 cents today 1.71 % what ?

I’m officially Selling all my aurora shares and buying namaste .. kidding I definitely won’t be doing that I’m currently up 13% with aurora

So my two thought are why has namaste grown at a huge rate and why did aurora only go up 15 cents when it seems that every other marijuana company is blowing up

Well namaste has locked in a few deals Bretton canna Pharms the two deals were a veteran service agreement and supply agreement Breton CannaPharms has a very strong presence in veteran communities across Canada and the entire management team has extensive experience in holistically servicing veterans and educating communities on the positive and misunderstood effects of medical cannabis to treat veterans suffering from both chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”).

Supply Agreement with Breton Cannabis, whereby the Company will purchase bulk cannabis products from Breton CannaPharms to offer on its online platform through the Company’s wholly owned-subsidiary and ACMPR Licensed Producer, Cannmart Inc. (“Cannmart”). Namaste will focus on offering Breton CannaPharms high potency strains that are specifically cultivated to meet the demand of its veteran patients.

Also on August 29 namaste announces another supply agreement with Kief cannabis. So to me it seems that all these deals seem to be driving the share price up which I’m not complaining considering up over 70% on my namaste shares !

And as for aurora as off now there doesn’t seem to be any big news from them besides them closing a 200 million dollar debts facility, so from what I’m looking at right now the marijuana industry seems to be driven by news . So if one company releases good news stock goes up for example namaste no news stock barely moves like aurora . And bad new stock goes down which we saw with cron on Thursday which I took that as an opportunity to buy shares. Now I won’t be going into more detail of these companies because I don’t like making long boring videos . But maybe in the near future if I guys like i can give u my analysis on each of these companies

Before I go I’ll show you guys so far the gains I have in the marijuana industry . I would show u my portfolio but clearly you guys don’t wanna see it considering I been asking for this video right here to get 100 likes and it seems to be a impossible task which is fine !

So when do I plan to sell my shares ? Truth is I don’t have no specific date or time the marijuana industry is so unpredictable the moment u think a company is ready to drop it goes up 15% the next day ! But I will be collecting some profits when companies reach all time highs. I also do plan to hold onto at least half my shares until October 17 it will be interesting to see how the market reacts when marijuana officially becomes legal for recreational purposes . Till then enjoy the high times !!

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Weed Stocks Are On Fire 2018- Canopy Shares Up 89% vs Aurora ?….Time To Sell !