8 thoughts on “Warren Buffett buys bank, tech stocks”

  1. The problem is, the bigger and richer these dirty bastards are, the more they steal from the taxpayer. Warren Buffet has never produced a thing. He has never employed anyone except for a few accountants and attorneys and his old bag wife, and he plays a zero sum game. For him to win, someone else needs to lose. Then when he's old enough and rich enough, and his money is protected from taxation, he becomes a filthy liberal. He can't lose with his investment, because his stock will be the big beneficiary of the next taxpayer bailout.

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  3. Buffet bought bank and tech stocks because maxine waters a pro wallstreet banker and tech recipient of hundreds of thousands in campaign donations has told them she will continue to deregulate the wolves and their corrupt money practices that nearly destroyed world wide economies..
    Communists like Maxine and Buffet want to own you and use you for slave labor with them rigging the scales at ottragepus interest. Socialism at its finest.

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