Venezuela DROPS U.S. Dollar For Euro! China’s Tech Stocks In MASSIVE SELLOFF!

Venezuela DROPS U.S. Dollar For Euro! China’s Tech Stocks In MASSIVE SELLOFF!







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Venezuela DROPS U.S. Dollar For Euro! China’s Tech Stocks In MASSIVE SELLOFF!

10 thoughts on “Venezuela DROPS U.S. Dollar For Euro! China’s Tech Stocks In MASSIVE SELLOFF!”

  1. Don't think people are saying: 'You are talking about a stock crash but it will never happen.' It is rather: 'Your every video says stocks are gonna crash tomorrow but they don' t.'

  2. china behind that,they're givin the orders,beijeng turning venuzuela commie,use it as an forward operating base PLA eventual invasion of south america!

  3. The only difference with Venezuela now is that Iraq was on its own at that time.. but Venezuela is following other countries and Europe is setting up a system outside of the US swift system. . . Venezuela now should punish i.e. high tax anyone who holds $$.

  4. Maduro will be out soon, i think his own people will bump him off. His new crypto currency is a bad joke.

  5. What you said about the end is in the Bible. It's Revelations 21 verse 8,,,,
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  6. Sigh, this only matters if Venezuela can produce oil to sell and get it to market. China will only get their money out if they go in and get the oil themselves. I don't think Uncle Sam will allow that.

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