10 thoughts on “US stocks drop as oil continues to decline”

  1. How can something so good for so many negatively affect stock prices. I must be dumber than a box of rocks.

  2. Eight countries get a pass
    on the Iran Sanctions." These are the countries that doesn't believe on
    the sanctions — better give them passes for them to supply America to offset
    the beleaguered fracking production. More so, to retain as the no.1 oil
    import/EXPORTER. The rest of the countries, needs no pass … to the invisible
    hands. Take Note! The day after (Midterm) tomorrow! Buckle-up and down, we
    might loss/lost our pants of the fuels and it's derivatives prices. (NOT
    ONLY A $100 … Saudis Threaten Trump: 'You Want $400 Oil?' https://youtu.be/rkBFKG1gqDg) At the start, this is what I’ve
    been saying that sanctioning the source of the invisible government, the black
    monster that engulfed from the bowels of the earth, “Collateral Damage” (Oil
    Importing Countries) will forestall not make it workable.

  3. Now is a nice time to invest in dividends paying oil company’s and pumps should
    Be .20 or so cent cheaper …..

  4. Gasoline prices have dropped in Maryland about 30 cents in the last month or so.  Currently at $2.50 per gal regular. Home heating oil is at $3.10 per gal. Go figure.

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