UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Crypto, Altcoins.

UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Crypto, Altcoins.
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UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Crypto, Altcoins.

10 thoughts on “UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Crypto, Altcoins.”

  1. Steem is a good buy in my opinion too (It's about 5% of my crypto portfolio currently) price is only 20% of that what it was in june when it was all time highs in btc terms. I believe we are gonna see btc moving in to altcoins, they have been in a bear market since mid june and now all the new crypto money is gonna starting flow to them from btc. BTC is like gateway drug to crypto, and in the long term btc is gonna lose market share to alts anyway, because bitcoin is old tech versus altcoins and has no real use except for being digital gold and having the brand. Bittrex (biggest altcoin exchange) is having issues with too many new clients I guess they have 500k now, this is excatly same what happened during last altcoin boom in spring when then the bigges altcoin exchange poloniex had issues with too many new customers signing up, except then the numbers were much lower.

  2. steem, bitshares, and eos are definitely good long term buys. all made by Dan Larimer who is a genius

  3. I have a hypothetical question:
    What if Bitcoin Cash turns out to be the real bitcoin. Will the Wall Street jump on this bandwagon? What would it do to futures being traded at that time (when btc is on parity with btc cash)?

  4. Dan Larimer, the CTO of EOS was the programmer that built the Steemit platform. Now that he has moved on to EOS, he is developing a platform that he thinks will one day power Wall Street.

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