Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB | NYSE:ACB) Executing on All Fronts

Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB | NYSE:ACB) Executing on All Fronts

Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB) (NYSE:ACB) (FRA:21P) CCO Cam Battley showers the company’s leadership team with praise, as Aurora continues to successfully execute its vision. Aurora is positioning itself in new markets internationally where it has a first or early mover advantage. The company’s recently announced deal with Farmacias Magistrales in Mexico brings Aurora’s footprint to 23 countries. Battley explains that the company is preparing for the European cannabis market boom by having two EU GMP certified facilities and existing agreements that allow Aurora to enter each new market in the Eurozone as additional countries come online. As the Farm Bill moves closer to being signed, Aurora anticipated the huge potential of industrial hemp and CBDs in advance by securing agreements with extractors like Hempco Food and Fiber Inc (CVE:HEMP) (OTCMKTS:HMPPF) (FRA:22Y), Agropro UAB, and ICC Labs Inc in strategic geographic regions. As 2019 approaches, Battley is ecstatic about the revenue potential of high-margin products such as medical and recreational softgels, which the company produces at Aurora V, a facility that can manufacture 1.4 million capsules weekly.


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Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB | NYSE:ACB) Executing on All Fronts

18 thoughts on “Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB | NYSE:ACB) Executing on All Fronts

  1. Auroras weed is by far the shittiest buds I have ever used… Its the kind of weed you give away for free.. these guys don't know anything about growing good quality buds

  2. Cam is the man he needs to be at the front of every pot company I elect cam barley as president of the THC society lol 1500 shares in the bag 500 to go

  3. Current prices in USA where there is a free market (not a neo-liberal government enforced monopoly) are 1/10th the current cannabis prices in Canada. These companies' valuations are based on prohibition prices. If your investing in these companies and you think prices will stay at 100 a gram for cannabis oil. Try 10 dollars. Sorry the USA is a much more of a free market. You can't compete. You think 100 a gram will work in the 3rd world? Sure when you have the government forcing sick people to only grow 4 plants at gun point this model works. In America they don't fall in line like Canadians do. At 1/10th the price these companies' valuations evaporate. Just a warning. Its a plant, that grows the best in dirt, dirt is cheap. Sunlight is free. This ceo is clearly on Ritalin, speaking fast with well rehearsed sales jargon.

  4. Let's go Aurora, I'm bought 1500 shares at 7.50. Im down but I'm holding strong. I'll buy 500 more, I believe Aurora will overcome all competitors, LONG Term. Everyone one wants to get rich overnight, that's why people lose most of the time. Im happy with my investment. ✊

  5. They’re sucking hind tit. Look at how the stock has done. Went to 12. Now at 5. Great investment. Hype is all over. They’ve done nothing since Oct 10, the week before Canada legalize the drug. The stock has plummeted under these clowns. Talk a great story. Activity on stock is indicator of true personalities.

  6. amazing how aurora has expanded into the global markets so voraciously without billion dollar injections from other industries. Yea their outstanding shares are bloated at a billion shares, but once the revenues blow up we should see some buy backs.

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