Trump’s Proposed Sale of Petroleum Reserves Will Benefit Oil Companies

Steve Horn of Desmog blog says that oil companies are pushing for a sell-off or privatization of the strategic petroleum reserves, from which they would benefit

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Trump's Proposed Sale of Petroleum Reserves Will Benefit Oil Companies

16 thoughts on “Trump’s Proposed Sale of Petroleum Reserves Will Benefit Oil Companies”

  1. Excuse moi! I thought they already belonged to the Bush Mafia. Wonder who gave the right to the oil companies to reclaim it.

  2. so the CEO of exxon wants this,.. i mean the secretary of state wants this,…wait did i just repeat myself? we're screwed, no conflict of interest here folks, move along

  3. Why connect "all" the pieces? All you need to "join in" on this project is to be part of the "saddle" which is a term, perhaps THE term, for the unique discipline of Convergence Math. (Ralph Abraham, for1.) Time is too important for "them." Convergence is a law of nature as is this time, certainly, a repetition of something, not unique just yet. (our interpretation of time is half understood, a bad statistic). An ounce of prevention, now …, and all that. Good luck. Butterflies are the tiniest part of "alternative systems" in Chaos. What matters is the path. and, so on and so forth.

    Solution to time issue would be out of the textbook, GUTCP. That alone, is "direction." Also, a solution to mankind's carbon footprint, even a solution to the cutting down of the rainforests. "It" is happening now, to be distributed in 2018. Will we make it? If we do, there will be another step involved.

  4. Move even more public money and assets into private for profit hands? The Trump/GOP rape of America is gathering steam!

  5. The resulting oil price bubble will help increase the adoption of non-fossil fuel energy and investors make their money. Sounds like win-win.

  6. Privatization of the strategic petroleum reserves sounds like Russia selling out its assets after the collapse of the USSR.

  7. oh goodie I get the privilege of getting reamed in the ass when there's a slow down in oil production.

  8. Of course, the oil companies want this. That way if there is an emergency the oil companies can charge the US government more money for the oil they need.

  9. 😂😂 why vote 😂😂the illusion of democracy😂😂politicians are there to sell the people the shadow government interest😂😂and people like Alex Jones keep the sheep's in line😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Well Americans if U continue to look the other way your Nations assets are likely to be stolen with the nefarious Cartel of Government / Businesses & Bankers

  11. If by any far reaching chance there will be some benefits for the 99% it will be purely accidentally.

  12. Trump's main strategy, (not policy) is to back the Saudis, who finance terror as much if not more than Iran, break the nuclear weapons agreement start World War III, GET EVERYBODY BOMBING THE 'S**T OUT OF EVERYONE , LEVEL THE MIDDLE EAST AND "TAKE THE OIL." Believe him!

  13. Even with the low fuel prices the last years Solar and Wind are a majority of new installed energy production

    With solar dropping 12% in price a year and production capacity increasing, this trent in all likelyhood will keep going and the overall energy price will drop thanks to these cheaper sources of energy replacing the more expencive conventional energy sources.

    When electric cars take off (2020-2025 ish is predicted to were their price falls below ICE cars) the demand for oil will take another huge hit.

    Both transport and grid energy are moving away from oil, I sold my oil stocks because the net 10 years the oil companies will get in big trouble. I don't know what the short term effects of the oil reserves being privatized are, but they are strategically not that important with oil production in the us nearing domestic oil demand (just imports from Canada could cover all net imports of oil needs) . And new generation of tegnologies slowly pushing demand for oil further down.

    I'm no fan of Trump, but I actually see it as a good move if the US would sell off their oil reserves.

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