Trump slams Canada, defends border policy during small business event

Trump slams Canada, defends border policy during small business event
U.S. President Donald Trump again slammed Canada over a trade dispute and claimed that Canadians are buying common products in the U.S. and having to “smuggle” them back into the country because of high tariffs.

Trump also asserted he has only two options on immigration during his speech: Separating migrant children from their parents at the border or “open borders.”

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Trump slams Canada, defends border policy during small business event

20 thoughts on “Trump slams Canada, defends border policy during small business event”

  1. Canada[edit]A 2014 study found that immigration reduced the crime rate in Canada: "new immigrants do not have a significant impact on property crime rates, but as they stay longer, more established immigrants actually decrease property crime rates significantly."[149]United States[edit]See also: Race and crime in the United States and Illegal immigration to the United States § CrimeCrime[edit]There is no empirical evidence that either legal or illegal immigration increases crime in the United States.[150] In fact, most studies in the U.S. have found lower crime rates among immigrants than among non-immigrants, and that higher concentrations of immigrants are associated with lower crime rates.[

  2. Your American Farmers can't get the American workers to do the labour needed to pick fruit and vegetables. They won't do it.

  3. Adolf Hitler Reincarnation 🙂 ! USA looks so dumb because of this Clown lol ! I think that Mexico should start building the Wall not USA, and same goes with Canada lol. at least for the time this clown is the President lol !

  4. Hot shot McCain!!! We would of been better off if he was on the enemy's side,, he caused the deaths of many of our service members when he single handedly nearly sunk a US aircraft carrier…

  5. ROTFL … Trump doesn't know the difference between Tariffs and border Duties … someone please let Trump know that both the US and Canada have border duties, they also allow $200.00 per person duty free per 24 hour visit. …but you hear that Canadians Trumps upset that you cross border shop …. better stay home and spend your money in Canada … and Canada has a tariff on US dairy because the US subsidize the US dairy industry with 22 billion in federal funding …. and why would Americans want to feed Canadians with US tax dollars anyway????? … Please someone get this idiot out of the Whitehouse

  6. Canada is rich because of the USA not in spite of it. Canada is only 35 million people. They have no leverage in any argument. 51st state of the USA! get used to it!

  7. This is crazy. Canada has strengths and the US has strengths. Heck I know a ton of people who are Canadian with Family in the US and vice Versa. We need to 'dial down the rhetoric a bit and let the leaders come to some acceptable compromise.

  8. HA Ha Ha you are a moron smuggling shoes into Canada because of tariffs. And you have your finger on the Nuclear button. Your a idiot please stay in the USA. Build a wall at Mexico and one across Canada border and please stay home.

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