Travel and Trade? It’s Possible But You Need to Learn THIS First

Travel and Trade? It's Possible But You Need to Learn THIS First
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0:30 Now this is probably why I am the single best person in the world to ask. I’ve been to over a hundred countries now, I’ve traded for most of them. It’s been a journey. It’s been a ride. I’ve traded in Portugal, I think this is one of my most memorable places where I am trading on a train, and the train is going through these hills, and at the top of the hill, I have service, at the bottom of the hill there is no service. Not a good way to trade.

2:30 Be very careful when you trade and travel. Be very careful with what kind of service you have. You need solid Internet. So, that means choosing hotels, planning your schedule around the stock market open, the US stock market open, and close depending on what timezone you are in. So that you can try to have the best WiFi possible to give yourself the best chance.

3:30 Use satellite WiFi. Satellite Internet is very expensive, it’s not even WiFi, that’s like a different technology. Different hotels have different qualities of the Internet. Even some of the best hotels in the world, like the Ritz in Tokyo, is terrible for the Internet. A lot of Japan is not very good. You wouldn’t think that. You know, you think Japan, it’s so, no! Some countries, like Guatemala, has better Internet than Japan by far. It’s crazy. So, try to read reviews.

4:00 There is no perfect solution. Sometimes there is a trade, and you have to cancel a dinner reservation. That’s happened before. I mean I’ve missed my college graduation for a trade. Sometimes I say, you know what, there are no great trades right now. Let’s go out and explore whatever city we’re in.

4:30 Sometimes even if you plan so well the Internet might still screw up. Or you read the reviews of the best hotel beforehand, and the Internet isn’t that good. Or you might stay in a hostel, and the Internet will be fantastic. You know I’ve been in some places where the Internet has been great. There is a place called First Cabin in Japan, some of the towns that I go to they don’t even have big hotels. So I stayed in First Cabin which is like a little capsule hotel. It is literally like a little capsule, like the size of this couch. Frickin’ cool, I just wanted to try it out. Amazing WiFi! Good job First Cabin.

5:00 Try your best, have fun, multi-task. Understand that a trade can pop-up at any time, but you also want to explore and maximize your travel. If you do it right, the way that I do it, or the way Tim Grittani does it, Tim Grittani, my top student who has turned 00 of his own money now into more than six million in six years, you know he made 0,000 for two months in a row, roughly a million dollars. Then he took the next month off entirely. So, just because I mix my trading and traveling, doesn’t mean that you have to. Feel free to focus 100% on trading while you are in one place, and then take a week, or take a month off while you are traveling..*

5:30 Try to, you know, make it work. Because it is enjoyable. Trading is not like a normal nine to five job. I don’t know any truly successful traders who work every single day; they don’t take vacations, they don’t travel. Every single successful trader that I know takes some time off. Whether they’re multi-tasking, or whether they’re keeping one eye on the market, just in case. But, it’s very, very intense. So you need some time away, and traveling is a good diversion.*

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Travel and Trade? It’s Possible But You Need to Learn THIS First

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