These are my Top 5 Blockchain Stocks for 2018! I chose these 5 as the best blockchain stocks for 2018 because they are solid companies that are adding blockchain technology to their services portfolio. I will outline all of these companies below. Make sure to stick around at the end of each one of my videos because I try to do something funny in each one! If you haven’t watched the endings of my other videos, please do so!

Top 5 Blockchain Stocks 2018:

#1. Broadridge Financial (BR)
#2. MasterCard (MA)
#3. Microsoft (MSFT)
#4. Visa (V)
#5. Cisco Systems (CSCO)

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14 thoughts on “TOP 5 BLOCKCHAIN STOCKS 2018”

  1. How or where can I look at how to invest in blockchain stocks? Is there a good tutorial to show me how. Not sure. I was looking to invest possibly in crypto but I feel like this block chain thing is going to revolutionize the globe. Am I wrong?

  2. New subscriber here, love your content, especially the top 3 cannabis stocks. My question is what trading platform(s) do you use to purchase and trade stocks? Or even a video of you comparing different trading platforms with pros and cons would be super helpful. Thanks in advance. You're the reason I got into investments. Currently using robinhood and vanguard.

  3. Marco! Love this channel and how you present the information. I'll be taking a deeper look at all of these. Thanks and where did you get the information you were reading in the screenshots?

  4. Ah Blockchain! You’re creative! Great advice, I like Cisco and Microsoft ones a lot. I had no clue they are working on blockchain solutions. I’ll have to do my due diligence. Thanks!

  5. Some great ideas. I like HIVE Technologies, AMD, NVDA and CME as well. Hive is mining on an industrial scale and should benefit from lower costs as well as ride the currencies higher.

    AMD and NVDA have both done well on chip demand but have other things going for them besides blockchain so investors don't have to worry quite as much on the downside. Chip demand could surge over next couple of years, a golden era of AI and virtual computing, as computing power requirements surge.

    CME is my safety trade here, benefiting from futures demand for Bitcoin but also with a huge business as one of the world's largest exchanges. Good cash return as well as less risk due to its transactional business model.

  6. Great job on the growth and great info. Found you because of Ryan’s video. Wish I had that momentum 😉

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