This Major Tech Stock Has PLUMMETED in Record Breaking SELL OFF Dropping $250 Billion in Market Cap!

This Major Tech Stock Has PLUMMETED in Record Breaking SELL OFF Dropping 0 Billion in Market Cap!







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This Major Tech Stock Has PLUMMETED in Record Breaking SELL OFF Dropping 0 Billion in Market Cap!

13 thoughts on “This Major Tech Stock Has PLUMMETED in Record Breaking SELL OFF Dropping $250 Billion in Market Cap!”

  1. The stocks been inflatable, and especially with the trillion dollar tax cut from the Trump administration, made that bubble even bigger, to the point of blowing up. This is the reality.

  2. glad im always staying up to date with David's insight. Once this market rebounds I will be so tempted to move my money into securities.

  3. Share buybacks should be illegal. They are making an artificial economy that does not responds to the natural trading…

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