The DUMBEST Penny Stock Trade Ever (How I Lost $180,000 in One Day)

The DUMBEST Penny Stock Trade Ever (How I Lost 0,000 in One Day)
I’ve made so many dumb trades over the course of my life. Learn from my mistakes, so you don’t make them, too. SUBSCRIBE: to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques.*

What is the dumbest trade that I’ve ever made? You can see my biggest wins and my biggest losses on I’ve had several wins of over 50 or even 0,000 in a day. I’ve also had several big losses. I lost roughly 0,000 in one day. Just so dumb. It was back in 2004 the Asian Tsunami this company, Taylo Devices TAYD. was the ticker.*

Every building in Asia was going to need this earthquake absorption equipment, but I thought to myself, this company is near bankrupt, you know, even if they got a bunch of orders there’s no way they could fulfill them, there’s no reason that this stock is spiking or it shouldn’t be spiking this much and at the time it was like up from like one to four, one to five, one to six in like two days and I was like this is ridiculous.

I bet on it going down which is what I like sometimes doing, not lately usually now I’m going long but back then I was a big-time short seller and I thought that it was up for the wrong reasons and I bet big and I had a hedge fund at the time so I had, you know, my money plus friends and family so it wasn’t as huge of a risk for me but, you know, it was still pretty much everyone I knew and the stock just kept going, you know, and it had now gone from like one to eight a few hours after I shorted it thinking that that was the top and I took the loss. It was roughly 0,000.

It was towards the end of the year, and it ruined like months of smaller profits because I bet big and I was like this has to fall, and I learned, you know, nothing has to fall. No stock has to do what you want.*

I was so out of it from the get-go with my mindset and thinking that it had to go down and thinking that I had to be right. I, you know, opened myself up to a giant, giant mistake and even though I made it back, that’s beside the point. A lot of the time I’m on the right track, but I short sell too early.

All of them will crash eventually, but you can’t pick the top so if you are going to short sell I don’t care how irrational it seems to be careful, be scared and play it safe. Rule number one for me that I’ve learned the hard way to implement is to cut losses quickly. You can’t just put your, you know, flag into the ground and say this is the top. The market doesn’t CARE what you think so to be safe and leave a comment underneath this video and message me. Let me know if this lesson resonates with you because it frankly should.

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The DUMBEST Penny Stock Trade Ever (How I Lost 0,000 in One Day)

17 thoughts on “The DUMBEST Penny Stock Trade Ever (How I Lost $180,000 in One Day)”

  1. SHort selling is risky as fuck for large bets but one or two penny stock traders have been lucky shorting so far

  2. This resonates with me for sure! I am learning that stocks aka the people behind them do what they want, when they want. It becomes history which I always look at. I will be prepared to capitalize. Had a $57.50 paper scalp trade using TOS on TLRY by using some of what you have taught in the videos. Thank you Tim!

  3. needed that today, took my first loss in my two weeks of trading, going to go back paper to learn more

  4. Disgusting! But Encouraging, and Educational
    Thanks for Sharing. Glad you were able to reclaim profits

  5. Thanks for posting my biggest loss was on $hmny last year I doubled down on a loser after not cutting my losses I still have battles with disiplen but I've came along way since that loss

  6. Yes! The good news is I have no big losses so far. I just need to pick the right ones at the right time..

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