The dangers of Chinese investment in Canada | The Weekly

The dangers of Chinese investment in Canada | The Weekly
What is the impact of growing Chinese investment in Canada? Former national security analyst Stephanie Carver tells Wendy Mesley about the potential dangers of Chinese state-owned enterprises buying Canadian companies.

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The dangers of Chinese investment in Canada | The Weekly

15 thoughts on “The dangers of Chinese investment in Canada | The Weekly”

  1. Canada's political leadership is going to look really interesting in the next decade given how much they are being impacted by the US and China right now.

  2. The Chinese drove the cost of living so high in Canada most of our industries and companies are leaving Canada due to uncompetitiveness.

  3. Its capital flight. China depleted nearly 1 trillion in financial reserves in the 2014 buying up foreign assets and tourism. The govt had to clamp down on these investments. Fortunately the CCP still has the ability to seize foreign assets owned by Chinese businessmen

  4. The Chinese are brilliant people. The only reason why Canada is on the losing side is because Canada's leaders are incompetent. Its as simple as that.

  5. That's why Trudeau is fighting Tump, because of CHINA?!? COME ON CANADA LETS UNITE AND FIGHT CHINA OUT OF NORTH AMERICA

  6. Yes! Investors from China are very dangerous, obviously their intention is to take over Canadian properties. Their world reputation is very bad, they can never be trusted. They think money can buy anything in the world.

  7. China is like the borg, they have a hive mentality! I myself will be happy to become a province of China!

  8. Please canada dont handover your gov esate to china or other countries otherwise your country and people could be in serious trouble in coming future .they gonna take over your country .

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