The Best Penny Stocks To Trade Today

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The Best Penny Stocks To Trade Today

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  1. I've been paper trading with you're strategy since January and have been doing fairly good. I've been studying my ass off and I think I'm finely getting it. Is the market always as easy as it has been the past few months? I might start trading real money as I'll have saved up enough to fund a 5000 dollar account but am unsure if I should wait and just kee working/studying before I commit.

  2. Hello Timothy. In regards to ULTR, I want to refer to the PR announcement on 2/22/16 which explains the Nasdaq listing extension giving that company until August 22 2016 to have had at least 10 consecutive trading days with the closing bid at or above $1.00. So with this being said, do you think it's a good short term play as well, at least into the summer? Do you think they can make it to $1.00 a share? I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank a lot.

  3. Hey Tim! If I want to get trading today. What products and services of yours would you recommend for a complete newbie that does really have a lot of capital to invest? I'm in Canada if that makes a difference.

  4. Hey tim, how can I find stocks like $DHRM? I'm researching potential plays and out of nowhere stocks like $PRGN and $DHRN spike. Many have good news but not all of them have big moves. Anything would help, thanks.

  5. Great video, but how does StockstoTrade build your watchlist ? coz to me that's the most important to identify good candidates. Tx

  6. Anyone know where i can watch a penny stock market, with the graphs, for free. I am just looking to paper trade.

  7. Where can i find the strategies you use? I want to learn how u trade and also what is the best place to trade penny stocks that is free?

  8. Just wanted to say happy belated birthday! You and your students are such inspiration to go out and begin penny stock trading. I just applied to your challenge and I am determined to become another one of your million dollar students.

  9. learning a lot from these videos, explained very well. planning to start a small $1000 account in the next few months, wish me luck!

  10. Hi Tim, unrelated question, where do I go to learn how to avoid a fakeout? Or what a fakeout looks like.


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