TECH STOCKS CRASH – Finding Safety in the Market

TECH STOCKS CRASH - Finding Safety in the Market
Stocks down today as tech stocks crash and drag the market lower. Which stocks are most risky and safe during these periods? As investors, how can we best navigate these periods of stock market volatility? Subscribe here for more content:

11/19/2018 US stock performance:
DOW down 1.56%
NASDAQ down 3.03%
S&P 500 down 1.66%
FB stock down 5.72%
AAPL stock down 3.96%
AMZN stock down 5.09%
NFLX stock down 5.45%
GOOGL stock down 3.82%
NVDA stock down 12.00%
CRM stock down 8.71%

00:21 Market Summary and Individual Stock Discussion
00:45 Worst performing stocks
01:35 ETF and US stock sector heat maps
02:04 What do you think about stocks? (community poll)
03:31 How my public value stock portfolio performed
03:52 Stock market draft portfolio performance comparison
05:13 Why stocks have been so volatile
06:12 Buying the dip is much riskier now
07:00 High risk stocks to be careful around
08:17 Will investors lose money?
08:57 Safer areas to store capital during volatility
10:13 My thoughts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a hedge
10:55 What am I doing with my portfolio?
12:16 What is coming up in the future

Videos Mentioned
05:25 Buffett indicator explained

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TECH STOCKS CRASH – Finding Safety in the Market

19 thoughts on “TECH STOCKS CRASH – Finding Safety in the Market”

  1. Thanks for your patience with my uploads! I have been busy working on some great resources for our upcoming Investing Membership Group opening for closed beta in early December. To make up for this, I will be posting one new video everyday this week (M-F) or, so help me, I will keep the beard going through December. Thanks for watching!

  2. Do you have spreadsheets you can share for dividend tracking and one for portfolio gains losses as well thanks

  3. Don't know how their debt situation is, but Amazon has been slipping. Already shed 25% and I don't see it slowing down longer term.

    Facebook has management issues, and I think this is the one to watch short term. They are now starting to go from normal pricing to value pricing.

    And this list goes on and on. Even my growth stock has been beating to a pulp and still is loosing ground. People are now running scared, and a trying to flee the market. Listing to companies with debt and what they are saying, almost every company I own in this segment is paying down debt. Simply because they see what's coming. And it's not going to be pretty.

  4. My favorite stocks are growth stocks in super stable industries! They are market consolidaters with safe and predictable earnings

  5. Rotating into value stocks and hedges will probably be the smartest move for investments for the remainder of this bull market.

    As you said growth had a great run, but fundamentals are weakening across the board and valuations should come back down to earth.

  6. Great video. I'm currently looking for companies that have low P/E Ratios and are value stocks myself. And still holding off on buying the dip for atleast a little longer. Also yeah Crypto would be a foolish buy right now in my opinion. I keep track with Cryptocurrency and they have been taking some hits fairly consistently. Risk is just to dang high and to make any profit you have to constantly monitor and get as much information as you can for the next day. Just not worth it. There's other problems too.

  7. Thank you for your great videos. Will you have an analysis on FB stock soon? It has come down quite a lot now.

  8. Thank you Michael for your extensive research and hard work in general that goes into producing your videos for us, your subscribers.

  9. I have reduced my portfolio and I was lucky enough to do so before the recent market correction. My recent buys were Hershey’s, Mondelez and Newell Brands, with that being said I still sold more shares than I bought in my overall portfolio.
    As always great video Michael

  10. Tech stocks crashing and bitcoin finally under 5k. Not sure what your thoughts are on crypto ?

  11. It’s a blood bath for sure!The market definitely has a different feel. Something seems odd, but as always, it’ll eventually recover. I’m so-with-you on the view of crypto currency. I haven’t a full understanding on how it’s produced or works. The fundamentals are not sound enough for me to invest.

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