TBC 24/7 We Are Giving Away Cryptocurrency! Get Yours!- Episode 117

TBC 24/7 We Are Giving Away Cryptocurrency! Get Yours!- Episode 117
Welcome to The Billion Coin Community: the purpose of TBC is to QUICKLY gather and organize a Billion people and fund them all to properly stand up both individually and collectively against the evil agendas of the Super Wealthy Elite! To End Poverty Worldwide. By Creating Billionaires, and Millionaires within our Private Community.
TBC coins are the most valuable currency in the world because they are the first “Abundance-Based” currency.

Kringles are the smallest change of TBC coins and most of the Community prefer to refer to the units of value in Kringles instead of TBC. The main thing to understand is that we, by private agreement, will never let the price of our coins go down in value. It is a very simple Membership Agreement, but it is the “secret sauce” of an “Abundance-Based” currency.

GET YOUR FREE GIFT NOW! Here are the two Steps:

Step 1)
Get your FREE 25,000 Cookies NOW Click Here: http://bit.ly/GetYourFreeKringlesNow
Follow the instruction to register to get your FREE 25,000 Cookies. After you have registered your account, login to your email to confirm your registration. When you confirm through the email you will receive, you will be taken to http://kringle.cash/admin/ You may have to Login with your username and password. Login and complete your “Profile”. If nothing applies in a certain box, put N/A.
Then check the “Marketing” (Menu is on the left) and you’ll see your referral link. Copy and distribute to all your Family and Friends.
Then click on “My Account” to follow instructions to pay your annual fee in bitcoin for your Kringle.Cash Back Office and that also includes your Life Time eWallet (no transaction fees, ever) to keep all your Money.

(Step 2)
Register for your eWallet TBC009 using the same email address that you registered for Kringle.Cash to register for your TBC009 eWallet. Click on this link: http://tbc009.net

Access the TBC Blog to answer all your questions about TBC and the TBC community: https://blog.thebillioncoin.info

Watch this: TBC IS the SOLUTION. There is power in unity. WATCH. About 40 Minutes.

Puerto Rico – https://youtu.be/JfU0Hv7nzpY – WATCH. Only 2 Minutes.

https://youtu.be/6PSUr9rMVtc JFK reads the Declaration of Independence.

May 28th, 2018 Will Go Down in History as the First Day TBC as Money Achieved a Foothold Legally (Video/Pictures/Article/MOA)

The views expressed in this video are not intended as investment advice.

TBC 24/7 We Are Giving Away Cryptocurrency! Get Yours!- Episode 117