Stocks surge on US, Canada, Mexico trade deal

Stocks surge on US, Canada, Mexico trade deal
Nuveen Asset Management chief strategist Bob Doll discusses how the U.S. stock market has reacted to the Trump administration’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Stocks surge on US, Canada, Mexico trade deal

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  1. DAM Trump is kicking ass around the world HOLY COW.. Add U.S. NEW deal with S Korea Right on China's N Korean door step

  2. This is bad the democrats are going to get really mad now another democrat scam contract got canceled the $$$$$$$$$$ cut the $$$$$$$$$ mess with the democrats money now they are going to really be mad at trump….. lol

  3. This is why the left hates Trump. He's smarter and he's done more in two years then Obama has done his whole life. People you have to tell your friends to vote Republican in this midterm elections. If he loses the house and the Senate all this goes away

  4. China is definitely in a box right now. They are putting out more propaganda about than usual, which is saying something. They have endless trolls that work for the Chinese Communist dictators with names like Beverly and theretiredtruckdriver working over anyone who comments on one of their YouTube channels that is paid for by the CCP. If you try to point out any facts about the unethical trade practices of China, all of a sudden you would think that it is legal for the citizens of China to watch YouTube videos without the threat of jail. The problem with the idiots from the Chinese government trolling the discussions is that it's obvious its the government because it is illegal for any other person in China to do it. How do expect us to believe that all thee Chinese people believe what they are saying when they outlawed the ability for the people to do what they are claiming. LOL I don't think that the U.S. should trade with any nation led by a communist government anyways. The 129billion worth of good that they buy from us has already been made up for. if our GDP did fall 2% like the Chinese claim it will, we're still doing better than we were before, but since Trump has already hashed out better deals with so many other nations, we won't even notice if we quit trading with China altogether, like we should do because we should not prop up a nation that jails Christians for being Christians and burning down their churches. The Chinese Communist Party is the exact type of government that the U.S. should stand against, not trade with. China is just as bad as Iran, North Korea and any other oppressive regime and it is unethical that a nation that stands for freedom, like the U.S., to have any dealings with them at all. Xi just got to be dictator for life. He is literally the next Mao and is proving it when hell jails Christians and allow the killing of innocent people for their organs. South Korea, Japan, and many other Asian nations are ready to pick up any slack produced by ending trade with China and all of those countries are more friendly towards the U.S. and none have the human rights violations that China has happening at the hands of their government. I am happy that Canada's government has come to their senses and agreed to the revisions of our Trade. All off our nations will prosper when working together ethically. China doesn't want to stop stealing our technology through trade, so it is time to make China figure out how to make technological advances without stealing it from others, which China has not been capable of doing since the communist backstabbers stole China from the true Chinese government that was weak from fighting Japan, while the communists sat back and watched instead of helping to defeat the invading Japanese. Now, they act like they beat the Japanese when they were too scared to even fight them. I'd love to see a Chinese history book to compare it to what the rest of the world knows to be true. I bet it would be shocking to see how much the population of China has been manipulated by the communist government.

  5. Please do not cave to the Commy bass turds in China. Cut em off completely. Americans can stand to tighten their belts for a change.

  6. Yes, markets relieved that Trump is not a total moron. Stupid Trump voters don't get it that he simply reinstated NAFTA under another name. Check the facts you fools!

  7. Most Americans don't care about your Canada trade deal. America wants you out of white house. The world is laughing at USA. MeToo should come after you. MeToo should come after you. MeToo should come after you. MeToo should come after you.

  8. Once again Trump fulfills a key promise. The deal is far better for the US in many areas. It'll even get support from Democrat-aligned unions (particularly in the auto sector), and dairy farmers get more access to Canada's market. This is a good thing. But let's remember Canada's population is significantly lower than the State of California. (perspective is important)

    And Canada and Mexico got some 'wins' as well. But bottom line…Trump had all the negotiating power and the deal is better for the US. Particularly in terms of potential jobs, reduction of the trade deficit, corporate investment, farmer revenue, and workers in the auto sector.

    Please don't reply to specific points without reading facts on the deal:

  9. What the hell are they talking about regarding European trade deals?? There is no deal yet!

  10. Even democrat controlled cities should be happy with the Trump stock market boom since its bailing out their failed pension plans unfounded liability.

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