Stocks I Would BUY Oct. 2017 Undervalued Technology Stocks

Stocks I Would BUY Oct. 2017 Undervalued Technology Stocks
Technology sector has been growing enormously outpacing any other. I believe there still are names that are very undervalued and have astonishing growth ahead of them. In Stocks I Would BUY I share with you 3 stocks im buying in October 2017 of my Technology growth investments, which I believe have hundreds, possibly thousands of percentages upside.

The video is part of a series on stocks i’m buying. It’s aim is to help us in picking stocks investing and build your picking stocks strategy. I do not recommend you buying my stocks just because I mention them. The point is to learn how to find undervalued stocks and how to be successful investor and how.

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With the Stock Market at its highest and especially with tech companies heavy Nasdaq outpacing Dow and S&P it might seem hard to find good investments in technology – some say there is a bubble, some just think it is risky. I believe I found two amazing companies with great growth stocks, which are perfect for a little higher risk but with enormous returns. Since I am long term, Warren Buffet style investor but more modern they still are very on the value side and are an example of proper investing – long term with growth, fair value to undervalued.!

With the Bull market over 8 years old a lot of people are screaming Stock Market Crash is coming. Diversified portfolio with Stock Market Crash – resistant stocks and companies – Checkout the video:

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My three favorite technology growth stocks are FB, MU & GPRO. FIrst two are amazingly run companies and GOPRO is on the right path, very strong brands, absolutely incredible balance sheet/cashflow, cheap to fair valuation and overall amazing investing opportunities, for what I understand and believe.

While here I share with you my picks – my point is for you to recognize how I value a company and you to learn to find the best investments for yourself. Get an idea about the best tech stocks to buy.

All I am saying is just my opinion and I do not say it is the truth, neither want to assume anything. I do not want to say you what to buy or even what is the best/good investment – I want you to see what I believe in and how I judge my companies and hopefully that will help you in your choices!

Investing in the stock market is for everyone! Picking stocks might not be! However, if you want to learn about picking stocks and investing my video will help you, we will learn how to invest longterm and how to invest successfully in stocks. Everyone is a beginner at a point, I want to invite you to join me together on this path of learning and growing together. I believe simple investing strategy, like the one I mention here can bring great success and big returns. I will be doing a lot of other videos on financial education – the characteristics you need to build in yourself to be successful on the stock market, investing language – explained, full stock market strategy for beginners, finding stock market crash resistant stocks and many more. I also give stocks to buy beginners October 2017 – most my stocks are easy to understand! Follow me for more!

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Stocks I Would BUY Oct. 2017 Undervalued Technology Stocks

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  1. A better description would be Companies I would buy, since I really do invest into the company and not into the stock. Hope you find something of value in the video – make sure to Subscribe and hit the bell to get notifications from Entiversal!

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