Stock Refinish – Citristrip/Tru Oil

Stock Refinish - Citristrip/Tru Oil
Finally decided to refinish the stock on my Taurus Thunderbolt. I had mentioned I wanted to do it when I was doing a video on it several years ago but never got around to it. What was I waiting so long for!!
Was about the worst finish possible, shoe polish brown is about the right description. It’s time, got some Citristrip and Birchwood Casey’s Tru Oil to do the job.
Removed the butt plate and and got to work, first a good coat of the Citristrip, was a real hot day, even though I left the stock in the shade the Citristrip dried up on one side, while doing the job on the other, lesson leaned there. Finished it up the next day and was able to get all of the old finish off down to the bare wood. Next was 6 coats of Tru Oil, 3 one day, 3 the next. Used 0000 steel wool and tacky cloth between coats.
I have to say I was totally surprised by how it came out, the wood underneath was beautiful and the Tru Oil was the exact look I was going for.
If your thinking of a small wood project I would suggest this combo for a excellent look.

Check out the Lucus Outdoors channel for a lot of interesting videos also.

Stock Refinish – Citristrip/Tru Oil

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  1. Whiterook, I have a beer recommendation. Flying Dog Brewery, variety called The Truth! Good stuff!

  2. I was in the wood refinishing business,for a short bring out the want in me to,do it again.i love to bring out the beauty in the woods.Great video.

  3. Another great instructional video! That True Oil is certainly a great product and your rifle came out great. That’s what I used to refurbish my Dads vintage .35 Marlin Lever action and the before and after is really amazing. As you said those separate steps really brings out the grain in the wood. Great job WR.

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