18 thoughts on “Stock Market Bubble vs Gold & Silver”

  1. You might want to double check your Caterpillar analysis because it's wrong. You need to look at forward PE's. Their forward PE is 25. Also, as per 10 analysts, CAT is forecasted to earn over $7 per share. At a PE of 25x, that gives it a $175 stock price going into the end of the year. CAT actually has a little more to run, as do most stocks. This whole notion of silver is pretty laughable. Businesses will always outperform a useless metal. Mining stocks may be the only thing to maybe speculate on now due to their recent bear market but stocks are still cheap.

    You also need to stop looking at arithmetic charts and look at log charts. If you did that, you wouldn't have these huge peaks that look like a bubble. This rally is actually tame compared to the 1990's bull market. If it just repeats that bull market, we are looking at Dow near 40 or 50k. Everyone makes the same mistake as you do with regards to not looking at log charts. I see it every time. They also don't factor in dividends and therefore compare an index to gold with no reinvested dividends. You have some work to do.

    Lastly, you need to research how Amazon books their profits on their accounting statements. They reinvest a lot and defer taxes, this is why the PE is so high. It's really not. Their profits are directly in line with their stock price, as it should be. Dude, you have so much misinformation in this video. You don't even have the basics right.

    Only thing you are right on is Bitcoin being a bubble.

  2. Get a piece of paper,  write a check mark under the categories "uhh" and "umm" every time you hear it.  Your videos will improve if you consciously work to eliminate those sounds in your presentation.

  3. Stark truth put forward in your charts. This is rare financial reporting nowadays. Thank you. Subscribed.

  4. Im very happy that you posted your first Video!! very good idea, Congratulations, haven't even seen the video yet, but im already subscribed.
    ps. About oil, do you consider also carbon on you analysis,? because most of the energy of the world is powered by carbon!

  5. Looking at those charts reminds me of the Al Bartlett lecture on exponential growth and people's inability to understand and recognize it.

  6. Thanks, Steve! I watched this last night,downloaded it and re-listened last night… apparently your brain is much bigger than mine….! :))

  7. 22:25 I agree Bitcoin is in a bubble at "15hundred" (I see no value anyway), but it is at 15thousand!!!
    The numbers in our world are so big by now and so out of yesterdays reality, it seems our brain – even a smart one like yours – hesitates to get it. And THIS in itself should make clear how bubbly all must be. Great video Steve! Cheers from Europe.

  8. Good video Steve… the stock markets will not collapse you and others keep predicting this equity apocalypse and it never happens. The only thing that will continue to decline are people’s standard of living. Equities are no longer attached to reality. Just look at Venezuela. If I were you I would focus on how this will impact the everyday westerner and not the New York stock exchange. The system is already rotting on the edges and slowly working it’s way to the core. If the 8% compounding interest forever was true the pensions would be solvent but they as you know aren’t. So that already tells me this big bright future we’ve been promised doesn’t exist among many other things. They can keep inflating the equity markets to cover this up but it won’t be enough. Venezuela market went up 400-500% it still wasn’t enough bc the energy and resources needed to give the actual value doesn’t exist. So right now it’s just dilution and propaganda game. I think in the early 2020’s people will realize something is terribly wrong.

  9. Well done nice vid. Keep going! YT is much powerful than web page browsing,! Btw, nice mic 🎤 for yr voice, crystal clear, it’s 👍

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