Silver and Gold When the Stock Market Takes a Dive

Silver and Gold When the Stock Market Takes a Dive
No, stocks going into a bear market does not automatically mean silver and gold will go up. However, the indirect effects of the crash, as well as what caused in the first place, can be a boon for silver and gold owners.

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Silver and Gold When the Stock Market Takes a Dive

14 thoughts on “Silver and Gold When the Stock Market Takes a Dive”

  1. Great video Matt!!! I think that when the stock market goes down PMs will go up… we will see!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐉

  2. I fee sorry for all the silver investors, they have been stacking silver for years and it just keeps dropping or going nowhere. Gold has been stable but you need a shit load of it to really get richer. My view is just keep a little of each at hand in case the fiat currency goes into hyperinflation and you can use it to trade for necessities.

  3. It seems 99% of gold, silver and Bitcoin you tube video contents are looking for reasons in news why the market went up or down on a specific day, and also are heavy on the hope.

  4. Interesting information. I wish I understood the market a lot more than I do LOL. Thanks for the info. Please stop by my channel and leave a like or 2 🙂 Thanks again for the info

  5. I see two fundamental reasons why the silver value will improve just after a stock market decline. Firstly, the demand to shift from a stock based equity asset to a physical (silver) based equity asset. This is a true improvement in wealth, as the supply/demand ratio improves. Second, the printing of fiat currency devalues the currency; which leaves the silver as a store of wealth. It's no so much that the silver is worth more, but the fact that the purchasing power of the fiat currency has declined. The wealth of the silver asset hasn't improved, but it hasn't declined either in the second case.

  6. metals would drop intially because of etf liquidation and desperate traders selling physical to cover margins …. after that physical will soar.
    Get well soon Matt 🙂 God bless.

  7. I love gold, silver and copper for what they, beautiful metals. I love some years of this low, so i can buy more. Many talking about gold and silver ratio. But i find the copper ratio to gold and silver, a importen part to the puzzel. I made allot of money when copper went up, people called crazy for stacking that, now i transfer that to silver that is low. If gold goes down silver up more i trade to that. At my bullion dealer i never buy i always trade btw metal. I get a better price.

  8. Yes, silver/gold could go down with the rest of the markets, except for that silver/gold are this time already substantially down. As such, if the markets crash silver/gold, already being down, may not go down at all and then go up as they have after prior crashes. Or, there may be a very brief downturn in the price of silver/gold as people need money for margin calls …. but then shoot up.

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