My 3 Favorite Patterns

My 3 Favorite Patterns

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It’s not easy becoming a successful penny stock trader, to be totally straight with you. In fact, most traders lose.

So how do you avoid becoming just another statistic? You have to prepare. I can offer you tons of learning materials: DVDs, video lessons, webinars, and mentoring. Of course you can study on your own, but why not do everything possible to help reduce your learning curve?

No matter your endeavor, it helps when you have a mentor. If you join my Trading Challenge, I can be your mentor. But it’s not just me — my top students also mentor other students. We have a great community.

Now, if you break it down, we don’t trade thousands, or even hundreds, of different patterns. It’s not rocket science. Personally, I have three favorites.

My first favorite is dip-buying morning panics on recent multi-day, multi-week, multi-month runners. My second is the first green day on a stock that’s maybe been down-trending. My third favorite, which used to be my absolute favorite, is shorting the first red day on pump and dumps.

You don’t need to learn every pattern. And complexity doesn’t necessarily make a pattern better or more reliable. You need to find a few patterns that work for your strategy. Study them. ain experience with them. Once you’re really comfortable with them, you can learn to love them.

What do you think of my fave patterns? What are your go-to patterns for trading? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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My 3 Favorite Patterns