4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!

4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!

4 reasons why Penny Stocks are garbage is this video. Why penny stocks are bad is todays subject. Penny stocks have so many bad things and today I will explain the 4 reasons why penny stocks are total crap. I hope this helped you understand penny stocks better. Penny stocks for beginners is a popular subject unfortunately.

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4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!

14 thoughts on “4 Reasons why PENNY STOCKS are Garbage! Penny Stocks!

  1. I make money just fine trading penny stocks. Lol you just have to know how and when to pick them. Many stocks start off as penny stocks… Yes they are risky if you don't know what you're doing.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think most people who recommend penny stocks as a strategy are day / swing traders, not investors. There is a difference. But I agree just aimlessly dumping money into penny stocks, holding for months, Hoping they become the next Amazon, is a horrible strategy. I just don't think anyone is really suggesting that.

  3. Just got in to MBOT at 5.43 and got out 17 min later at 7.04 15 min later for a 30% return. Instead you should def buy this guys book, and his merch, and his program… that'll make you rich for sure.

  4. Good to tell new investors to stay away, but penny stocks are definitely not garbage you just have to know how to trade, not invest. It is more like gambling than investing but it’s definitely not the SAME as gambling. Curious if your opinion on penny stocks has changed over this time

  5. Foolish of you to say this, boss. If you do enough DD you will find out that penny stocks are the real deal to give you an opportunity to be millionaire. Monster drinks started trading at .04 and they are now worth $56. Remember this name nFUSZ. This is an ideal buy, imo, because of Low Float (60M), Zero Debt, Fully Funded, Transparent Management Team, Groundbreaking Technology, Four Verticals instead of a one trick pony, 8K with Oracle and Marketo (multibillion dollar companies), and Insiders own 60% and haven't sold a single share.

  6. "penny stocks" please define it? What exchanges are you talking about? TSXV, Nasdaq Jr?

  7. I invest a 100 dollars on each ticker
    Fun stuff cuz volatility is so high
    And im fine with losing 100 dollars
    And im also fine when it hits a dollar
    Trading with no emotion

  8. A little bit of information on people who are saying "Penny stocks aren't garbage! I've made money"
    1. Even if you've made money on these stocks, most of them still ARE garbage. Most financially unstable and some even completely fake like he mentioned in the video. These are always dangerous to invest in, even temporarily.

    2.) Most of the people who back penny stocks stating how much money they can / have made on penny stocks haven't even been investing for a year. I don't think the point is that you can or have made 50, 100, 200% in one trade, the point is that at the end of the year you will be in the red or broke if these are the only stocks that you trade. It's about consistency.

    3.) "Tim Sykes has shown it can work!" Sykes still has not proven to me to be a penny stock millionaire as he claims. The guy owned a hedge fund for christ's sake. He could have made a large sum of money through investing but I'm not convinced they were all penny stocks. And for the ones that are, I'm pretty confident he has worked with pump and dump stocks with all of his stundents. Speaking of students, he charges people 3k per person for his millionaire challenge or over a thousand dollars per DVD that he sells. Not to mention additional monthly fees on profit.ly Seems like he really needs money for some reason…

    4.) I will say that SOME penny stocks are legit. but they typically need to be at least $2 per share (not always). Some of these small market cap companies have shown to have the ability to make money and their market cap / share prices will go up through actual legitimacy. Do your research!

    Sorry for the long read

  9. Bro…I turned $492 into $5k then flipped the $5k into $60k all in 3 months so I highly disagree with you..You have to educate yourself and understand how the OTC game is played..So it's criminal and what, the rest of society isn't? Get real..Move with the crooks and you will come out on top but just don't get greedy, because trading is very psychological.

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