PENNY STOCKS ‘THE ROAD TO $1M’ Day Traders Lifestyle Motivational

PENNY STOCKS 'THE ROAD TO M’ Day Traders Lifestyle Motivational
This video is dedicated to all the entrepreneurs & all traders & investors just SO know you’re not alone. Penny stocks traders lifestyle & journey started off just like this, hard work & dedication is what it took. The road to a million is a bumpy one.

Penny stocks trading and investing course.

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PENNY STOCKS ‘THE ROAD TO M’ Day Traders Lifestyle Motivational

15 thoughts on “PENNY STOCKS ‘THE ROAD TO $1M’ Day Traders Lifestyle Motivational”

  1. I'm with you all the way, if one thing doesn't work out for you then something else will. One outcome = SUCCESS. don't forget.

  2. People ask for success, i look at failure too, from there i learn a lot. How many times you failed, and you blow out your account?before your success !!!

  3. I can relate to this on so many levels. It feels so good to be profitable finally after a dark miserable road. Thanks for this new Sub

  4. Hey Zaid, which broker do you use for trading, I saw you used Plus500 in some videos and I wondered if that would be a good broker, because they don't have all the penny stocks and stuff.

  5. Are you a millionaire? I am sure you wouldn’t be doing YouTube videos if you were!!

  6. Brilliant, as usual mate! 'I am all the way up!' Nothing can stop me' Thank you Zaid!

  7. Thanks mate. I have decided to wait till your course comes out before I start can’t wait. Cheers

  8. Yeah brother…they choose temporary pleasure!! I want that long-term…i wanna leave my young'n something..i do this for family. Not just myself.. Keep up the good work man. We in this together!!

  9. I hold around 15 different crypto on my portfolio…. diversify the aset.
    Never put all my eggs in one basket.

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