Penny Stocks Multibagger – Should i Invest ? (Hindi)

Penny Stocks Multibagger - Should i Invest ? (Hindi)
Penny Stocks Multibagger are very difficult to find but not an impossible task. Some of the Nifty 50 companies like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Eicher Motors, Titan, Lupin, and UPL were penny stocks 15 to years back. The probability of a penny stock becoming a multibagger is very high. The reason being these companies are very small companies and have very high growth potential.

Technically, any stock with a stock price of less than Rs 10 and very low market capitalization are penny stocks. They have some very common characteristics like low delivery %, low liquidity, driven by manipulators and speculators and most suitable for Intraday Trading.

Penny Stocks are very risky as not much information is available for such stocks. They are under constant regulator watch and prone to frauds & scams.

If you are planning to invest in penny stocks i.e. potential multibagger then you should under the co’s business. It is important to do fundamental analysis along with an analysis of promoters holding & pledging. You can start with small amount and follow all investing rules.

For Penny Stocks Multibagger, choose only quality penny stocks else these stocks can destroy your wealth especially during the bearish phase.

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Penny Stocks Multibagger – Should i Invest ? (Hindi)

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