Penny Stocks Day Trade $VSLR +$223

in 1500 shares @3.66 out at 3.822 . I saw the morning strength of this stock, it was the best momentum stock i could find for a nice intraday trade, wanted to get in on a pullback, did get in but it was too early, need to watch the prints, level 2s and chart for stability of price for indication of the bottom, of the current move, for a better entry. No more all in trades, will be using a fraction of my account, doing this was a lot more comfortable and i made a gain i usually aim for with my full account with ease. Nice play, held up nicely near its highs all day BUT there were too many sellers so i got out at the double top when i saw failure to break out, perfect exit, entry needs alot more work, i keep seeing the pattern of a bad entry in most of my losses so i will be super conscious and patient of my entries from now on.
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Penny Stocks Day Trade $VSLR +3