Penny stocks [101] | Phil Town

Penny stocks [101] | Phil Town
If you’ve been researching investing, chances are you’ve heard of controversial “penny stocks”. I’m here to help you decide if penny stocks, defined as stocks traded for less than a share and not sold on the major market exchanges, are a good investment.

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Penny stocks [101] | Phil Town

13 thoughts on “Penny stocks [101] | Phil Town”

  1. Hey there folks, thanks for watching today's video on penny stocks. Have you invested in penny stocks before? What was your experience? Download my Investing Quick Start Guide to learn more:

  2. Thanks Phil, I bought and read your two books, learned more on the rule#1 strategies. Would like to learn more on penny stocks. Thanks for this video.

  3. Hey, according to the study, I found that rule one investment formula is suitable for companies that have
    linear growth EPS, for example stores create new branches steadily.
    But for companies like Google, Amazon, FaceBook, they have totally different behavior models.
    So, would you mind to share some methods/math models about how to get evaluation of these kind of high technology companies? Thank you very much

  4. Phil. I've tried the penny stock route. It seems to be the quickest way the burn through a trading account . There are a group of "gurus" on the web who promise you'll make a small fortune if you follow their recommendations. Turns out they're the only ones making any real money. Once they send out a trade alert they wait for everyone else to jump aboard then they turn around and sell for a huge profit while the "peons" are left holding the bag . Biggest scam I've seen since I started trade. BUYERS BEWARE !!!

  5. I recall a time when a big company became a "penny stock" because of an event called the great recession in 2009. I was driving to work listening to the news and heard a statement about certain institutions being "too big to fail." Later that day I noticed that Citibank was on sale for a $1.00 per share. I only regret that I didn't have the available cash to buy 10000 shares instead of 1000 at $1.02 at that time. This wasn't the type of penny stock that is the focus of your video but I wonder if this type of event could create a similar opportunity in the foreseeable future?

  6. Hey uncle Phil! just wondering what your take is on marijuana stocks? There is alot of hype around them up here in Canada with legalization supposedly happening this summer. Love your videos and podcast Im learning lots!

  7. Great video Phil! I recently invested in a company called Glance technology that appears to be growing quickly. They are based in canada with a service similar to apple pay and pay pal. Im going to do more research regarding 4Ms and see if it would be worth it to ride out the storm of volatility!

  8. If there is not enough coverage by analysts, how would you know about the management and other details about the penny stock?

  9. Keep this type of content coming!!!!! need more info on penny stocks since they are almost never covered in books. unless you recommend some?

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