Penny Stock Runner | 450% Gainer Massive

Penny Stock Runner | 450% Gainer Massive
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Penny Stock Runner | 450% Gainer Massive

13 thoughts on “Penny Stock Runner | 450% Gainer Massive”

  1. Biggest win so far 🙂 First i bought after the bell 4,80 range and it tropt down. Took quick loss. Then it went up agen and i bought back shares and traided 2 times more and i grew my account 90%

  2. well explained I'm still a beginner trader I'm just happy I'm green in my overall portfolio but I can't wait to learn more sophisticated trade techniques!

  3. Always love your explanation, one dump question you said short sellers sell the stocks first then buy but how can they sell the stocks before buying, some point in time they would have bought, right? how does this work?

  4. Be careful, GEVO will likely do an offering soon. It had a 1/20 split and usually after splits stocks go up. Additionally, this is an extremely low float stock. However, now it is likely an offering will be happening soon. Read the SEC filings. Dont be a sheep and protect your profits.

  5. No offense, but you missed one extremely important detail while explaining shorting — how does a short trader sell shares first? That concept can be very confusing to a new trader who doesn't understand shorting. The shorter must first borrow the shares from his/her brokerage firm, and can only do so with a margin account. Also worth mentioning is that GEVO came out of the gates below premarket high, traded sideways, and then dropped down into the 4s before it made its parabolic move. Did that drop trigger an SSR? When stocks drop early and trigger the SSR it almost always sets up a perfect storm to squeeze the shorts, because they can only short on the way up. It was beautiful to watch.

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