What the 'Tesla effect' could be doing to oil stocks

What the 'Tesla effect' could be doing to oil stocks

Paul Sankey of Mizuho Securities discusses the “Tesla effect,” the concept that the 20th century was centered on oil and the 21st century will be centered on electricity, and what it is doing on oil stocks.
What the 'Tesla effect' could be doing to oil stocks

12 thoughts on “What the 'Tesla effect' could be doing to oil stocks

  1. in 2022 OIL will be the best SHORT. The Oil companies massive debt coupled with unsustainable dividend payments will crater the complex. Once the OIL companies cut the dividends it will be bottomless.

  2. Oil has really messed the planet big time. From wars, pollution, to creating seriously evil empires.

    Time for a change.

  3. The Tesla effect is the disruption to the 3 BIG industries that are rooted in the past. Big oil, big auto and big energy; no oil, no dealerships, and non-centralized non-fossil fuel electricity generation.

  4. lol getting a good Title will not make your reputation soar…………….
    MEDIA is a tool to manipulate peoples reaction to a certain event by sensationalizing the information by increasing or decreasing the data from the actual truth or by directly giving false information………….. THIS IS WHAT MEDIA IN THE WORLD IS!!!!

  5. Electric tsunami coming to a much better future, but, oil will always be important, but, will greatly decrease the consumption in passenger vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorcycles, etc. In the future the consumption will be more for ships, aircraft and other big machines.

  6. Isn't Tesla probably technically close to bankruptcy? It has never make any money. Is it making its suppliers take a haircut? How does this failed (so far) company maintain its stock price? Who is dumb enough to buy at this level? The Fed? The CIA? The ESF?

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