Oil FALLS To $50! Down 30% in 7 Weeks! Stocks FALL Again as Tech Shares Drop!

Oil FALLS To ! Down 30% in 7 Weeks! Stocks FALL Again as Tech Shares Drop!

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Oil FALLS To ! Down 30% in 7 Weeks! Stocks FALL Again as Tech Shares Drop!

19 thoughts on “Oil FALLS To $50! Down 30% in 7 Weeks! Stocks FALL Again as Tech Shares Drop!

  1. Do you think it's coincidental that the year of QT happens to coincide with the year stocks have gone down? Or is central bank Quantitative Easing and the stock market completely correlated?

  2. Is it time for another book on Peak OIl???  The world is awash in oil.  I seem to recall as a kid in the 70s Jimmy Carter scared the entire country saying that fossil fuel would be exhausted by the year 2000.  Haha, joke was on you Jimmy.  You only missed it by a hundred years or so…

  3. My family is getting pyshical gold and silver bullion gifts this Christmas. I suggest you all do the same and hold off on that new iPhone XYZ or that 5th smart tv that you don't really need.

  4. No way 120 points moves me. Oil is very good news, tough on our enemies .
    Opec did their best to drive oil so high they could break us, have we turned the tables on opec including Venezuela.
    Food riots around the corner in socialist Venezuela.
    Look to see even less noise from the Muslims, their presence has not been felt since we got rid of obama and rigged oil prices.

  5. You still don't seem to understand that you are (part of) the problem. You are a parasite (able bodied parasite), in your role as investor. You destroy businesses (the ones that do not get the investment). We don't need this activity in the market. You are a privateer, out there skimming the cream off of someone else's plate, and doing nothing in return as an investor (as an author or youtuber, that's different, however you stimulate this greed obsession of this failing culture).

    Invest in … "do we put you in bonds, do we put you in equities, do we put it in growth equities, or do we put it in staples, do we put it into some cash …"

    This is what you just said: "do we put the money we can spare in more greed, do we put it into more greed, do we put it into more greed, do we put it into more greed, do we put it into more greed." This is how you operate and what you do. It is however not productive. You are not a bread baker who says "do we MAKE more brown bread, or do we PUT OUR EFFORT into more white bread, what do the costumers want so we can earn more." You are a parasite, a destroyer of the civilization you think you are a regular part off.

    Here is another list of investments for your excess money (that is money that you have so much in excess, that you can loan it out): put it into a good cause, put it into the morality of your people, put it into trying to stop another war, put it into a company not because they make you money, but because they are a developing green and/or fair trade initiative and don't ask them any rent (!).

    Your investment will earn you short term money and a boost of your ego, if you are lucky and spend a lot of effort that could have been spend on doing something for this society that you could earn an honest living with (such as writing a 3rd book about why your first books where ignorant and wrong, for starters). Sorry, I'm not as nice as I should be, on the eve of World War 3 caused by the type of games you are promoting, and the types of serious ideology that you don't even seem to know exists. I do hold you guilty, and your guild of money gamers with it. You better hope the population will not think the same after the war, but they often do at least partially understand what has happened. Your investment will earn you a blackened conscience, short term gains, and then it all comes apart and you and millions with you might die from the consequences of your activities, and you will not even comprehend that you are guilty over what has happened. What the central bank does, is merely you and your types writ large.

    My investment will only cost me money, and it is unlikely to save society for more then a few milliseconds of added stability toward the end if it is only me doing it, and so we will all still die from the same mess, but at least I can die with a conscience less darkened by excess greed. In a more lucky case of kind seeking kind, good people might one day live happy ever after, because they had the generosity to earn each others company. What type of company will you earn with your greed obsession and your parasitic games ?

    You people never think about the future for more then a few moment ahead of time. You don't understand the principles at work over the long and infinite term. All you do in the end, is ruining yourselves. You had been warned, no whining afterward on my account.

  6. All I need the price of gas at $50 to make a profit Saudi Arabia can afford it between 30 and $40 per barrel and still make a profit inflation doubles the price of gasoline and the taxes so it's a win-win for the corporate America and the government but not to the middle class people we pay for it

  7. The central banks have announced that they will not intervene in the market the way they did during the GFC… but they have said that they might slow the interest rate increases if necessary…

  8. David. 3:25 You can't have prices simply come on everything, because over too broad a spectrum of products it's deflation, and a deflationary spiral is apparently worse than an inflationary era. Surely you're not suggesting an all out deflationary era. I've mentioned before that's what you seem to be suggesting… sometimes it sounds like you're saying, let's have prices come down on everything forever. Have you researched the eras of deflationary spiral? They're as bad if not worse than inflationary eras.
    Go research deflationary periods, I looked yesterday and there was a bad one after the US Civil War and another one in the late 19th century, and of course one just before the Great Depression. Once you're up to speed, then maybe do a video on it, contrasting the personal financial effects of a deflationary era versus an inflationary era. And as I've mentioned before, prices aren't just continuing to rise across the board. I can't imagine what perspective you're looking at the world from, because food has come down recently, gas is down, real estate is down, raw materials are down because China isn't buying as much… That's why copper is down, gold is down, silver is down, because China has already built out its ghost cities and doesn't need the materials for that, and since we have the tariffs increasing they're not producing as many consumer goods, so really it's deflationary, the dollar is stronger. I'm not saying a collapse is not going to happen because I don't know, but you keep saying prices are going up, and they're not all going up, up, up.

  9. I used to spend $300.00 a month to fuel up my diesel truck till I got an electric car. Now I never go to the gas station and only spend $30.00 in electricity for the same mileage. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy electric cars now too. I wonder if that is having an effect on oil prices?

  10. Everything in this world is manipulated there are no coincidences and some people getting very reach by doing so. Money can't be destroyed it only changes hands!

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