Oil prices decline as US stocks dip

Oil prices decline as US stocks dip
MND Partners managing director Tim Anderson, David Nelson, Belpointe chief strategist, FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and Kaltbaum Capital Management president Gary Kaltbaum on the decline in oil prices and whether investors should be concerned about emerging markets.

Oil prices decline as US stocks dip

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  1. Don't tell me interest rates are that high. Interest rates have been in the basement for years. Try finding a CD or something that pays even 5%. They'll laugh at you.
    When I bought my first house in the early '80's my mortgage rate was over 12% and we thought that was good.
    As far as the stock market is concerned let's just figure it's due, if not overdue, for some sort of correction. The last 10 years the fed has been pumping 'free money' into the market like a bodybuilder on steroids.
    How much of the market's value is tied up in companies like Twitter and Google that don't buy, sell or produce anything? Whatever profit you've made on those guys I'd take it now. But if we learned anything the past few years it's that we can't always assume that what's good for the market is good for America. Right now unemployment is low, interest rates are still low, gas prices are still 'reasonably' low, generally speaking the economy is doing well. I wouldn't let a little dip even as much as 10% of the market worry me. That's the best time to buy anyway.

  2. The Fed has given the few what you and your family and friends have worked for and earned for the last 105 years!
    We have been enslaved for the last 105 years. No more interest on loans.
    Set Growth at 2%/year fixed

  3. Should I take my money out of an investment account and put it in a regular ira? I’m almost 50. I don’t want to lose all the money I have in that account.

  4. These folks, except for Kaltbaum, are like the china sitting on the shelves, as the bull passes through the shop. Can't afford a $200K mortgage at 4%,?.. DONT GET A 200K MORTGAGE!Corporate earnings @ 20%, reminds me of something an old boss once told me.. PROFITS CURE A LOT OF PROBLEMS!

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