NYSE Suspended Trading In Some Symbols After “Critical” Technical Issue

The New York Stock Exchange resolved a “critical” technical issue Wednesday that led to 199 ticker symbols being suspended for trading.

“NYSE experienced a technical issue in one trading unit, which affected a subset of symbols listed on our Market Status website here. All open orders, including MOC and LOC orders, were cancelled. Trading has resumed in those symbols at 1:17 pm ET and all systems are now operating normally,” the NYSE said in its systems status page.
The issues affected one trading unit with the same symbols. Trades in those symbols continued to come through other market centers.

Both the Nasdaq and BATS stock exchanges had declared self-help against the NYSE amid the technical problems. A self-help exception allows trading centers to bypass an automated trading center that is experiencing system problems, according to the SEC.

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20 thoughts on “NYSE Suspended Trading In Some Symbols After “Critical” Technical Issue”

  1. I'm surprised that no one has tried to take their money back from Soros……!

  2. isn't it about that time the US bites it's own hand and blames the kid at the other side of the classroom? we haven't had one of those in a wee while😃

  3. Technical issue is the same as testicle issue once you realize they got you by the balls squeezing hard. Better watch all these electronic shenanigans. Stocks, bonds, ETFs contracts will be changed in favor of banks, brokerage firms. You don't hold the stock directly but by proxy. It's not in YOUR name, but in the Firm's name or broker. And if your brokerage firm goes bankrupt or other electronic glitches bye bye stocks, bonds, ETFs. MF Global took cash out of clients segregated accounts which set an ugly legal precident. Devils never play fair.

  4. There is no doubt, they will tell us the truth, on what happen, so, buy, buy, buy, it will help out the country, but might put you in the poor house.

  5. Symbol Issue: Helicopter tail being used in underground scenarios as a shadow of a religious cross to trick Christians into thinking Jesus is arriving, only to be gunned down.
    Foul Play. Time Out.

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