Neptune Dash IPO – Blockchain Buzz Ep. 6 | Coinsquare

Neptune Dash IPO - Blockchain Buzz Ep. 6 | Coinsquare
Neptune Dash officially listed on the TSX-V earlier this morning making then one of the first blockchain companies to test public markets in Canada. Neptune builds and operates Dash Masternodes and invests in Dash Blockchain related technologies. Neptune currently operates 15 Dash Masternodes and has plans to expand to 18 by the end of January. They are listed under ticker symbol DASH as of today.

The first ever physical purchase was made on the Lightning Network this weekend and there are over 100 lightning network nodes running right now. On Saturday someone bought a router using Bitcoin’s lightning network – signaling the beginning of a new age for Bitcoin.

The Canadian National Research Council is testing Ethereum as a way to improve transparency around government research grants and funding. Every time the National Research Council gives a grant to a company or individual, it shares that information with Bitaccess, the developer of the application, which then stores the data on the Ethereum blockchain. As of Saturday, there are over 3,000 grants listed on the Ethereum blockchain for the public to see.

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Neptune Dash IPO – Blockchain Buzz Ep. 6 | Coinsquare