Midas Letter RAW 98: Origin House (CannaRoyalty), Cryptocurrency & Cannabis Commentary

Midas Letter RAW 98: Origin House (CannaRoyalty), Cryptocurrency & Cannabis Commentary
-HMMJ the ETF is down about 10%, breaking its trend; fundamentally shouldn’t have happened (because of Sessions news); Ed: “the pattern is still intact if it rallies tomorrow”
-Planet 13 Holdings (CNSX:PLT)
-High Hampton Holdings up today; candidate for takeover when legalization occurs
-everything is down today
-James joining the medical system as a stop gap, doesn’t trust the rec system yet
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed

-is the US investor all in on the cannabis market yet? US market is 20 times bigger than CDN with 1/20th of the cannabis companies
-OH an acquisition target for a big US cannabis company
-de-prohibition is still a few steps away; STATES Act is the most likely next step
-Origin House has planned its production for a landscape that includes de-prohibition/legalization
-federal de-prohibition would instantly resolve the banking issue and would allow companies to manufacture/produce products across state lines
-Sessions resignation and spread of medical cannabis in more states: believe in continual progress in the US for medical; everyday other industries looking at cannabis acquisitions; MNA very active right now
-focused on California, branded products need to be originated from; if OH dominates in California, will have the experience and knowledge to branch out into other states
-distribution work allows OH to figure out which brands are successful, useful for partnerships
-distribution and branded products driving California success
-Nov. 28 financial statements coming out
-discusses name change from CannaRoyalty
Marc Lustig, CEO of Origin House (CNSX:OH)

-RISE Life Sciences
-ML indexes review
-Charlotte’s Web (CSE:CWEB)
-Patriot One (CVE:PAT) deal with Cisco Systems
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed

-important to have in-house compliance officers
-company works with cryptocurrencies, investment firms, traditional banks and credit unions
-any crime where there are proceeds (drugs, arms dealing, trafficking)
-most of the alerts generated for money laundering are false positives
-global financial enforcement takes a lot of coordination
-cryptocurrency isn’t the main way people are committing money laundering
-KYC will be similar to opening a bank account etc
-digital currencies will become regulated
-anti-money laundering legislation
Amber Scott, Founder and CEO of Outlier Solutions Inc

Video: CIX Conference in Toronto: Will upcoming cryptocurrency regulations provide investors with enough reassurance to invest in the space? With Sean Cookson.

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-hard to tie the product to the producers
-the companies that have already got their products back in stock are the ones to watch
-Check OCS inventory
-Aphria’s (TSE:APHA) deal for CC Pharma (European pharmacies); strengthen German footing
-TerrAscend subsidiary Solace; distributes to 13,000 pharmacies
-James: “this makes no sense to me”
-new index: US Cannabis stocks listed in Canada; Tilray down 15%
-after yesterday shocking that even US leaders listed in Canada are down
-everything is down
-ML indexes
-Signature Resources (CVE:SGU)
-gold: fluctuated between 00-00 last 5 years
-Namaste MD; Uppy Strain Journal collects user generated data on cannabis strains
-GTI one of 14 LPs to operate in Florida
-Planet 13 Holdings financing
-National Action Cannabis opening Canada’s first First Nations retail store MetaCannabis Supply Co
-Peak Pharma Solutions acquired by Canada House Wellness
Trulieve two new acquisitions, Life Essence Inc, Leef Industries; first move outside of Florida
-Aphria Inc announced purchase of CC Pharma
Macroeconomics and Cannabis News and Analysis with James and Ed

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Midas Letter RAW 98: Origin House (CannaRoyalty), Cryptocurrency & Cannabis Commentary