Market Pulse – Stocks, Yields, Gold-Silver, China And Bitcoin (with Tyler Jenks)

Market Pulse - Stocks, Yields, Gold-Silver, China And Bitcoin (with Tyler Jenks)
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Market Pulse – Stocks, Yields, Gold-Silver, China And Bitcoin (with Tyler Jenks)

16 thoughts on “Market Pulse – Stocks, Yields, Gold-Silver, China And Bitcoin (with Tyler Jenks)”

  1. I respect those who focus exclusively on #Bitcoin and want to keep it pure. I can empathize that some altcoins are scams or created out of greed. But if maximalists believe that only BTC should exist, this is the antithesis to open-source, experimentation and the free market.

  2. Thanks for great info, but my taxes and the internet taxes just went up, my wife never paid more until this year, the middle or should I say the low class are still being brought down to where “we belong “ thanks for wrong analysis in tax situation, stick to your analysis not taxes.

  3. Great show guys. I love to see these traditional market updates mixed in, in addition to the Bitcoin content.

  4. You are NOT crazy. I'm bearish gold too, down to the $920 level. I believe the $850 peak is Elliott Wave one and the current decline since 2011 is Elliott Wave four. I'm bullish the US dollar. When gold finishes tanking I will be bullish bitcoin and metals. Until then, I wouldn't buy bitcoin with your money! Excellent video

  5. it would be interesting to see a video with somebody that doesnt agree 100% on eveything you say.

  6. Thanks alot guys for takening the time looking at multiple markets. It was quite informative. It would be great if you could do this on a monthly basis.

  7. The Shanghai chart is a REAL chart and shows how markets USED to work before all the manipulation in the west. You can clearly see that it's organic and not forced. The lesson to be learned should be that real life is erratic and when you see 'easy' T.A, it's often manipulated. Tone doesn't understand real life. He gets upset when the charts don't go the way he expects them to. He thinks that markets should guide reality rather than the other way around. You need to sit and think about that for a moment. Furthermore, if you have puppets controlling the media and puppets controlling the markets, the two are used together to manipulate sentiment. You are being controlled and you don't even know it. Recessions are PLANNED, they don't just fukin happen.

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