Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 2/13/2019 by

Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 2/13/2019 by

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Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 2/13/2019 by

17 thoughts on “Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 2/13/2019 by

  1. Those are some great dives! (I mean from the pelicans) 'Appreciate you taking the time to make these videos whilst on vacation; wish you all good things!

  2. APHA looks like it's getting ready for a good bull break in my opinion. The decent pull back, the declining volume, and after earnings the sector may focus again on the potential buy-out from a bigger name in the industry. Just a pattern I'm seeing.

  3. New to trading traditional assets still – I have a question – I played that eq on CRON and market bought when it broke. The price was at around $20.19 when I market bought in (on Fidelity) and for some reason my price ended up being $20.54… the price didn't reach that number for another 45 minutes or so. Is there any specific reason for this? Because that's a stark difference in what the CMP was and what I got sold.

  4. I wonder if earnings will spark the seasonal consolidation we have seen last few years in Feb/Mar going into summer ?

  5. I doubt you'll see Cron for $6 again. Fundamentally these mj companies are all trying to grow and get bigger and grow more weed and make more money. They say once this legalization completely booms out Acb will be the biggest company with the most assets and the biggest grow facilities in Canada. I reckon Acb has more shares in the public float than Apha, Cron, and Cgc? It's been awhile since I checked. Fundemental analysis is boring to me. There's a lot of reading. But it's important and it comes in handy. These short sellers like Citron Research, and then there was that latino conman down in south america with his fake news, try and scare off investors. They're basically trying to manipulate the price of these stocks without going to jail. Aphria in December went down to $3 because of a false short sellers report from that latino conman. I've been following these pot stocks for at least a year. We might have about another year and these companies finally boom out. It's possible cgc can go to $100 a share. But these price differences are not all because of short squeezes in my opinion, as one short seller put out his report today about Aurora. These other companies out perform Aurora in stock prices because apparently there's relatively less shares in the public float. (There's less supply of shares.) But Aphria closed with a gap up star today, almost a doji. Obviously there's a war going on between the bears and the bulls on who gets control of the stock for awhile. It was like that with all the major companies today I noticed. Tomorrow is a big day for Aurora and Aphria. Who knows maybe these stocks will trade in a equilibrium on the daily for the next few days? But I believe Aphria will try and hit it's all time high again this year. And it could try and do it if the bulls do gain control of it. But watch the news and pay attention to Citron Research. Andrew left is a notorious short seller. He tweets too. A lot of people hate him and have spewed anti semitic comments at him on Twitter. I bought in on Cron last year at $6 a share. But I was just starting out. And sure enough last fall Cron hit $13 and Andrew Left comes around spewing his lies about the company. And I sold and got out. But if I had stayed in I would of more than tripled my money already. I just didn't know if Cron was safe to get in after Andrew Left's report? I knew pot was going to boom. It was a no brainer. But here I am learning the hard way. It just hasn't been that easy. My uncle used to be a successful investor. But he quit because the market has really changed now. Before he said it used to be more predictable. But these people out there are snakes and are always looking to tear it down. Best of luck!

  6. thanks for the video, really informative as always.
    would you think it's wise to utilize the drama on N right now and accumulate shares at these low prices?
    accumulating shares around .95$ to 1.10$, even if it goes below these levels and back down to .90 or .82. with a long term commitment in mind of course. the idea behind this would be to take profit whenever N and general Marijuana market goes back to all time highs, even if it takes a year.

  7. Rando: Who's that guys?
    Me: Are you kidding?
    Rando: Umm, no…
    Rando: Ummmm…. ok

  8. Randomly found one of your videos last night in bed on my tablet. I happen to have shares of one of the tickers in your video. Just wanted to say thank you for the informative videos and appreciate you taking the time to go over the charts. Your insight has been extremely helpful in a very short amount of time. Hit the subscribe button and look forward to seeing more content! 🙂

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