Marijuana stocks: Aphria Aurora Canopy (10/12/2018)

Marijuana stocks: Aphria Aurora Canopy (10/12/2018)

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Marijuana stocks: Aphria Aurora Canopy  (10/12/2018)

11 thoughts on “Marijuana stocks: Aphria Aurora Canopy (10/12/2018)

  1. Look at the video on Aurora Sky with Cam Battley on Midas Letter this my help for reasons way

  2. ACB strength was expected based on my TA but watch out for price to hit around 13.75 before it takes a pullback to 12.95 – 13.15 range. Still good to hit around 16.00 within a week before a significant correction.

  3. I like your comparison between WEED, ACB and APH to draw correlations. I do continue to stress to people that APH is still bearish for the long term.

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