Jim Cramer: Short-term traders should sell into pot stock surge

Jim Cramer: Short-term traders should sell into pot stock surge

CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ team discuss pot stocks surging as Canada legalizes cannabis tomorrow.
Jim Cramer: Short-term traders should sell into pot stock surge

17 thoughts on “Jim Cramer: Short-term traders should sell into pot stock surge

  1. And a month later CGC is in the dumpster along with almost all other cannibis stocks…this sucks!

  2. If you look at these stocks, most of them do not have great spreadsheets. Their sales are well below their level of debt in most cases. I think I've discovered the Motley Crews secret pot stock that is supposed to be trading like Amazon for 3. It's going to be the new PotCo as it were. That stock is ACB. It's got a good financial sheet and is already putting out positive earnings off it's operations. It should take a climb to 7.50 by tomorrow at around 2pm. on it's current course. I bought in at 6.63 but at it's current price of 6.87 it's probably a good time to buy in.

  3. PREV…preveceutical medical inc….traded on TSX…get in now. Preventative medical arena, sol-gel technology..do your DD

  4. Jim, You said it yourself! You were pushing for it the whole week because it was $48/share! Are you dumb? You’ve been in this business for years and when you mention and push for something on national tv then of course the stock will push higher… meaning the price will go up! And now that the stock is up near $60 you are saying its too expensive and don’t buy! Wtf. (You’re an idiot…—> just my opinion.)

  5. Precipio.prpo tests for cancer,cheaper,faster,more accurate.good news lately.its the future.i think its like exas science was when it was .50 cents a share.but more to offer.we will see

  6. Can you imagine being around these pot users all day every day? Nothing wrong with drinking a little either, but not all hours of the day. That's what these pot users want.

  7. Disagree with this notion that Marijuana will be some social drug that people will go to marijuana bars to consume. Marijuana isn't the social lubricant that alcohol is, and the biological pathway towards intoxication via marijuana is entirely different than alcohol. Put it simply, no one is ever going to develop a way to ingest marijuana and have it take effect the same rate that injesting alcohol does. Drinking/eating marijuana will always take 45 min+ to take effect, and that doesn't exactly sound like a good "party drug".

    Aurora is where it's at. They've hedged their position in so many aspects of the industry that it'll be hard to not see at least portions of their business play out incredibly well.

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