3 marijuana stocks to avoid in 2019 😱 ? Why – Buy or Sell Aurora, Aphria , Cronos

3 marijuana stocks to avoid in 2019 😱 ? Why – Buy or Sell Aurora, Aphria , Cronos

In this video me and aaron from departures capital talk about 3 companies that you should avoid at all costs. All though we may agree or disagree with some of these companies it was still a really interesting article hope you guys enjoy !
3 marijuana stocks to avoid in 2019 😱 ? Why - Buy or Sell Aurora, Aphria , Cronos

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  1. What marijuana company would you avoid at all costs ? (

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  2. Marijuana stocks will be a good investment long term. I've got no doubt about it . Even if things don't pan out… I look at it this way , if 5 years down the road- i look back and see I lost a good bit of money in these stocks – I'll still be a hell of a lot happier than looking back and seeing that I missed out because I never took the risk … so with that said , I say fuck it – lets sink 10k in some weed stocks and see where we end up

  3. All the stocks have taken a hit…the fact that they are down makes for a buying opportunity. In my opinion ACB is a strong buy. Motley Fool is a waste of time. ACB is going to be a monster, they have everything in place. Already supply can't keep up with demand in Canada and recreational is just a small part…once main stream medicine accepts Cannabis as a real medical option and everyone starts to realize the real benefits of cannabis derivatives ACB will become a massive Cannabis Pharmaceutical Company. They already have exclusive rights to the Mexican market. Down the road when their stock is over $100 everyone who could have got in now and didn't will be sorry. Like having a chance to buy Microsoft at six bucks and saying nah, I'll pass!

  4. Tilray deal was a joke, altria owns crons and owns a nice stake in inbev/Budweiser. Logically it makes sense to do it with cronsπŸ€” thats why the market react like the way it didπŸ€”

  5. Not to worried about people growing at home effecting these companys growth much. The same can be said about brewing beer or wine. A person with a bit of free time could easily brew their own at home

  6. The diluted shares are a problem for the short term, but Aurora is literally a long term stock so.

  7. It boggles my mind when bears focus on 2018 sales in this sector… It was even the opening argument of the short report against aphria, valuation vs sales in a little graph. Right now is barely 2 months after legalization, with a fumbled rollout for chunks of the market… it seems obvious to me that future growth of a high-demand product that's worthy of investment, not 2018 sales! at least one of these companies is likely to become a market leader of the global cannabis industry, rec and medical. which one is poised to tackle the emerging markets is what I want to invest in. next 2/3 years of canadian market share is nothing compared to global market leader in ten years, not which one is most overvalued now (hint, they all are based on current sales. pointing that out for one company is pointing it out for them all, at least to me)

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  9. You have to wonder why the article would come out now rather than when the weed stocks were being all hyped up. That would have been the time to warn people. I’m not sure there isn’t a motive behind this article. Stay strong.

  10. Make sure you and Departures check on that New Condo law in Canada, prohibiting tennants to GROW or SMOKE any pot on the premise. No balconies or indoor even though it's now legal…
    Swing Trading, Rock Star, Tattoo Artist from the Beaches of California…… If you ever hit Cali, LMK…. #BullsOnWallStreet

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