London Block Exchange (LBX) 🌎 ICO Review

London Block Exchange (LBX)  🌎 ICO Review

Buy, sell and store real cryptocurrencies
Trade BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and many more
Extensive schedule of new coins and token listings
Real, personalised customer support

The presale is now LIVE*

LBX admins will NEVER PM you asking for funds nor will they give you an ETH address personally. The only content you can and should trust will be found using slash commands. These will be notified when activated.
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Grab the 2 page summary here;

The LBX token sale whitepaper is now available to download here;

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Airdrop tokens released 15th Dec 2018 – sign up here;
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London Block Exchange (LBX) 🌎 ICO Review