Lessons From My Latest $1,000 Profit Trading Penny Stocks*

Lessons From My Latest ,000 Profit Trading Penny Stocks*
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I am here in Europe doing a video lesson for you guys. I’m actually training some students in person in the next few days. My European students, it’s kinda cool. You know I have students all over the world. Email admin@TimothySykes.com if you wanna learn in person. We do these small group trainings all over the place these days. Also, underneath this video I’m gonna link this July 4th sale for a ton of newsletters and DVDs, 30, 40, 50, 60, even 70% off for just the next, I think what, 72 hours? And then, also, I’ll provide one other link to my upcoming annual conference.

This is my 10th annual conference, September 29th through October 1st. We’re offering early bird specials where you can save 70% plus, so take advantage of that. I look forward to meeting everybody. This thing will sell out. It’s been selling out quicker every single year. So, not only will you get an early bird discount, but you’ll also get a ticket, which is cool and just don’t procrastinate. Don’t wait, seriously.

GBR was the biggest spiker of all three, but it was interesting the way it plays out. Sympathy plays don’t always work perfectly in symmetry and sympathy. This one spiked big right here from the fours to the 12s. This was the morning that I was buying MXC. So, it was a sympathy play, MXC also had earnings, so it was a potential earnings winner, sympathy play, low float, and I bought it on a dip. I really want you guys to get used to that, not just buying anything that spikes.*

I give weekly webinars to my trading challenge students. Some of them are Q and A, some of them are live trading. This was actually a Q and A, or was supposed to be a Q and A, from four to six p.m. Eastern, and the market was closed, but you still have after hours. And, you trading challenge students watch this webinar, trading challenge students get access to all the archive webinars over and over again. It’s pretty cool.

Study my whole category with video lessons called Earnings Winners. There’s over 500 videos. Look at the different variations of earnings winners. Use stocks to trade, okay? This popped up on multiple different scans. We have 40 plus scanners on stocks to trade. The more scans a stock gets on, guess what, more traders are going to see it, because traders use different scans. So, this was triggered so many different ways.

A lot of you guys don’t realize that everything in this game you can adopt and adapt for yourself. You can trade big. You can trade small. I encourage you, when you’re first starting, when you don’t have experience, trade small. You can always get more aggressive later on. It’s pretty sweet that Tim Grittani, on this one actually he made about 18,000. It’s pretty sweet that I can make the same trades, and my students can make the same trades, and we make different dollar amounts, and we trade them differently, based on our own comfort level.*

A lot of you guys need to study more, because I saw this, and you guys didn’t necessarily advantage of it. So, please come to my Orlando conference in just a few months. I’ll post the link, again, just below this video. And, also, take advantage of this sale on Profit.ly. You gotta study up. You gotta be prepared. That’s the key to making a thousand, or ,000 a day. Leave a comment just below this video, too, if you understand. Thank you very much. I’ll see you guys in the chatroom.*

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Lessons From My Latest ,000 Profit Trading Penny Stocks*

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  1. I am starting to see all these plays on STT before any alerts. Used July 4th as an opportunity to study from 6 a.m. until 10:30 that night and then watch some fireworks. God Bless America. My losses are getting way better and I'm learning to take profits. Need to watch my execution on work days and use pre market more. It's really encouraging to see that I'm picking the same stocks you and Tim Bohen are looking at before you alert them. STT customizable scans with Boolean logic are amazing!

  2. I finished your framework dvd recently. Feel ready to trade but will finish HTMM first and then recap on trader checklist THEN trade .

  3. Being prepared is even more important than trading itself. No days off and rinse and repeat old boring habits. Cool.

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