Justin Trudeau hails ‘Canadian Advantage’ during speech to business leaders

Justin Trudeau hails 'Canadian Advantage' during speech to business leaders
Speaking at a business forum in Toronto Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised what he called the “the Canadian Advantage” which he says makes Canada a global economic leader in 2018.

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Justin Trudeau hails ‘Canadian Advantage’ during speech to business leaders

20 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau hails ‘Canadian Advantage’ during speech to business leaders”

  1. Why do I get the impression that this guy spends all of his days walking into walls? Only a delusional Liberal views a recession as an economic boom! Liberal propaganda at it's best.

  2. By switching from French to English and then back again, he just confuses the listeners. French is NOT the language of most Canadians. His claims about employment and wage growth is wrong. It may be true in some locations but it is not universal by any means. Is it my imagination or does he even walk funny? He certainly talks funny and I can understand why so many speculate about him. Voters, just remember how he has run up our debt for which we still have to bite the bullet. If you can't run your accounts with competence, why should anyone believe anything else? Remember his big payout to terrorists, his lack of enforcement of our borders, almost un-vetted migrants coming here who are going to be a drain on the taxpayers, his carbon tax, his embarrassing trip to India, his failed foreign relations, and the divisions he has driven between Canadians. Don't claim credit for the USMCA – you were told to sign and you did!! BUT he has nice hair!

  3. Everyone please hit that dislike button please! Tired of seeing this beta cuck sellout of western civilization in my recommended videos

  4. Trudeau should STFU. Only advantages in Canada are if you illegally cross into it or are a refugee. Real Canadians are not counted in Canada.

  5. Allowing more of the 1 percent in so they can hide their money and evade taxes and get away with it.


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  9. 16 min video only been up for 5 min. It already has thumbs and opinionated comments. Bravo, trolls. 👏

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