Is The Pain Over For Gold Investors?

Is The Pain Over For Gold Investors?
Gold is an alternative to the U.S. dollar, and while dollar-denominated assets have had a good run this year, a turnaround soon can be expected, said John Doody, founder of the Gold Stock Analyst.

“All of the near-money types, gold, silver, and bitcoin, they’re all down this year. When is it going to turn around? I think soon, because nothing goes forever,” Doody told Kitco News.
Doody noted that the Commitment of Traders report showed the highest level of net short positions on gold ever recorded, with 15% of the open interest in short positions.

“To be going against the contango, to be going net short means that there’s a lot of buying power to be released when something sparks it in the other direction,” he said.

Doody added that the last time there was a high percentage of short positions, minus 3 percent of open interest, gold rallied 30% the next year, and gold stocks climbed 78%.

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Is The Pain Over For Gold Investors?

13 thoughts on “Is The Pain Over For Gold Investors?”

  1. Just shut up about gold – it's headed to its cost – about 900 – which is actually generous – many can now produce it for much less thanks to technology.

  2. When you have a central bank (federal reserve) that manipulates markets and can profit off markets, then we might as well all pull our pants down and bend over. This market is not a free market and never has been

  3. LOL everyone knows the Bond Bubble is gonna pop there is no safety in bonds anymore especially not in usd maybe swiss or something…This anti-Gold propaganda is photetic it shows the desperation also if you ask debt or gold nobody will choose debt only reason they chose fiat because nobody ever told them what is money nobody told them the economics of the past 5 k years lol also Google ghost banned me as usual fuck the Corporatist Oligarchs

  4. Turkey is just as big as Florida…. But whenever they are stronger than other countries… they will threat those countries… it was happened with Austria…

  5. Buying stocks on the way up is a good idea? What bonehead buys gold you don’t hold? This old turd wouldn’t give you your gold and would probably get destroyed by a raging mob when they find out that not only he won’t give you your gold he spent even have any and in the clause you sign by buying states that it’s okay.

  6. there will be pain until 2024 for you pondscum……………..hope and blue skies for american workers.

  7. Wake up everyone and remember 2008 ! This is no different except that Precious Metals will go 10 times more than 2008. Relax it’s going to happen.

  8. The Dollar is fake money backed by the evildoers. That is why IT is up and suppressing dollar denominated assets like GOLD/SILVER which represents honest money. Jesus was justified in going into the temple, turning over tables and beating with a whip the original criminal bankster evildoers. Just wish we can grow some balls and do the same.

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